A nurse from a home healthcare organization helping an elderly woman take her blood pressure.A workforce management platform adds value to home healthcare organizations by addressing common problems such as:

  • A time-consuming manual or outdated staff scheduling process
  • Unclear or missed communication between management and staff
  • Regulatory non-compliance
  • Considerations about the health, safety, and happiness of employees and clients

Ignoring these problems can be grave from a business stance, and even derail some home healthcare organizations quickly. Below are the 5 key ways a workforce management platform helps solve organizational problems, adding value to your organization.

Simplified Scheduling

Scheduling staff is often an afterthought for many organizations as it seems to be a simple process. But when you account for the number of employees, their skills and qualifications, rules and regulations, and all clients they work with, scheduling becomes difficult and complex. A manual or obsolete scheduling process can frustrate the scheduler, and have considerable effects on the efficiency and profitability of a home healthcare organization. A workforce management platform with a robust scheduling engine helps simplify scheduling. It vastly reduces the time and effort it takes to schedule, and handles any complexities of the scheduling process itself. The value this adds to homecare organizations is considerable as management can now focus on the strategic direction of the business. Rather than printing out schedules and running around trying to get in touch with different staff members, you can focus on growth.

Clear Communication

Communication, simply put, is the act of transferring information from one person or group to another. Effective communication is a vital part of any home healthcare organization, big or small. Poor communication will almost always have a detrimental effect on your organization. A breakdown in communication can lead to unhappy employees, poor service for clients and loss of revenue. When utilizing a workforce management platform, the communication component is vital. Being able to instantly communicate to staff is a huge advantage over other organizations who don’t implement this system. With the ability to automate most shift change notifications/updates, time is saved and clarity and cohesiveness is maintained between staff and management.

Guaranteed Compliance

Remaining compliant with regulations is a constant concern for home healthcare organizations. With a strong workforce management platform, employers can easily filter employees by qualifications, skills, seniority, and any other pre-defined business rules. This ensures that no patient is underserved or any employee is underqualified for a shift. A feature of Celayix’s platform is our communication portal, which helps healthcare organizations who need to comply with electronic visit verification (EVV). EVV helps home healthcare organizations stay compliant, helping them expand and grow in the long term.

Empowered Employees

With certain workforce management platforms, employees are empowered to select shifts that suit their work-life balance. The happiness and motivation levels of your staff has a direct effect on the quality of service your clients receive. The happier and more motivated your staff are, the higher the quality of service they provide. Allowing employees to have work-life balance leads to less burn out and greater employee satisfaction. With greater employee satisfaction, there will be an increase in employee retention and reduced no shows. The importance of having empowered employees cannot be understated, and there are ways of scheduling that have a blatant effect on this. For example, using self-scheduling and shift bidding methods empowers your employees, reduces the workload on the scheduler, and ensures business rules are strictly followed.

Shift Affirmations

At Celayix, we know that employee safety is at your upmost concern, especially with regard to the coronavirus pandemic. With our new feature: “shift affirmation”, management can ensure employees agree with company guidelines before starting their shift. This means organizations can keep their employees in accordance with the latest company health and safety recommendations. This can be particularly important in current times, where COVID-19 is an ever-present concern. When an employee signs into their shift, a pop up will appear in the employee’s app. Then, it will request them to acknowledge the information shown before the employee signs in. Whether that’s the latest health and safety guidelines, acknowledgement of a lack of symptoms, or anything else you wish to alert them of, it’s easy to keep your staff informed and safe with shift affirmation.

A workforce management platform doesn’t just remove administrative burdens for home healthcare organizations. Above all, it provides clarity and focus to companies looking to grow without sacrificing employee quality or client service levels.

At Celayix, we help home healthcare companies across North America transform their business every day. If you’d like to find out more on how to improve your home healthcare organization’s workforce management, schedule a demo with one of our experts today, or get in touch with us directly.