Auto schedule employees with dynamic custom or predefined templates for multiple departments

Easily create schedules by accounting for staff seniority, qualifications, union agreements, and more through customized rules

Provide real-time access of schedules to staff at all levels of the organization, 24/7/365

Quickly find replacement staff for last minute changes based on availability, skills, preferences, and more

Automate the collection of availability and communicate shift details, time off requests, and more in real time

Save time by auto-exporting employee hours worked to the accounting or payroll software of your choice

Celayix Software has worked with many different venue and event customers, including convention centers, performing arts centers, stadiums and arenas, and event management companies. Managers of these types of facilities face many different challenges that they are responsible for to ensure the event goes off without a hitch. Celayix has a diverse set of customers including some of the largest convention centers, performing arts centers, and arenas. In addition to providing the ability to schedule employees using a rule based approach, Celayix also provides time collection tools, attendance monitoring, reporting, and payroll and billing templates. The rules based scheduling approach will allow for shifts to be assigned or selected based on the qualifications that have been specified and allow companies to support all types of employees, including full-time, part-time, casual, on-call, and volunteers with instant notification of additions or changes to their schedule.

Celayix can also help you ensure that the right people are being checked in or out, in the correct location. This helps companies safeguard against employees not being paid properly, including overtime, and safeguarding against them not taking their scheduled breaks. This can lead to decreased morale and worse, lawsuits and potential reputational risk for the company.

Some of the additional challenges Celayix can help overcome are:

  • Freeing up time for other tasks by generating time savings of up to 95% vs. manual methods, such as paper or spreadsheets, when scheduling employees
  • Having the system generate the schedule, taking into account all qualifications and requests that your client requires
  • Ensuring an alert is generated when someone does not show up at their assigned location at the set time
  • Making sure employees are notified of changes to their schedules by sending out notifications
  • Reducing payroll errors by generating the necessary files rather than having manual entry

Celayix has many customers in the venue space and is flexible enough to meet the specific needs of any type of organization.

Celayix interface displaying venue scheduling software

Quickly find replacements for one or more shifts while ensuring business rules, such as qualifications and overtime, are followed.