Guard Scheduling Software

Automate your scheduling process by including shift requirements, employee availability, compliance with contracts, and more

Security Scheduling Software

Collect guard availability and confirm shifts in real time through the web, mobile or automated phone system 24/7/365

Security Guard Scheduling Software

Create and maintain custom schedule templates by clients and sites

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Collect clock-in/out times and set real time alerts to ensure sites are always covered

Scheduling Security Guards

Proactively prepare for last minute changes or missed shifts

Security Guard Scheduling Software

Track profit margins by customer, site, guard, and more

Celayix Software understands the challenges of managing a security guard operation regardless if it is a commercial security guard firm, it specializes in event security, or is a commercial security operation within a larger organization (for example - retail store security, museum / art gallery security). We understand that security guard operations typically have high turnover, a large part-time or on-call workforce, and fluctuating demand. Your guards may be assigned to multiple sites or posts and you need to consider specific qualifications and certifications when creating the schedule. This is in addition to the regular challenges of scheduling employees where you need to take into consideration vacation and other time-off requests.

Security Guard Scheduling Software

Remotely monitor client sites and receive live info in regards to your guards' attendance, activity, etc.

Celayix helps security guard companies streamline their business operations by automating employee scheduling, time tracking, vacation and sick time management, and interface with payroll and billing. The solution helps optimize operations and allows companies to focus on growing their business. Some of the challenges Celayix can help you overcome are:

  • Freeing up time for other tasks by generating time savings of up to 95% vs. manual methods, such as paper or spreadsheets when scheduling employees
  • Having the system generate the schedule while taking into account all qualifications and requests that your client requires
  • Ensuring you are alerted when a guard does not show up at a site at the set time before your client contacts you
  • Ensuring your guards are onsite by using geo-fencing, which means that they cannot perform clock actions (in, out, safety checks) until they are at the specific location
  • Making sure your guards know there are changes to their schedules by sending out notifications
  • Reducing payroll errors by generating the necessary files, rather than having manual entry
  • Providing security operations management tools, such as guard tours, site planning and client we portal via our partners

Scheduling Software for Security Industry

In addition to scheduling tools, Celayix provides many reports, including scheduling, profit margin, billing, and payroll. One specific report used by our customers is the profit margin report. This report helps companies determine the profitability of past and potential events based on the actual or hypothetical staffing plan. Understanding how the margin was or will be impacted allows customers to determine if the right amount is being charged and make adjustments.

Celayix helps companies serving various segments where security guards are employed including:

  • Commercial - Scheduling software for 3rd party professional security services.
  • Event - Scheduling software for security at events, parties, galas, or other functions.
  • Corporate - Scheduling Software for in house security departments.

Celayix has many customers in each of the above segments and is flexible enough to meet all of the specific needs of any type of organization.

For over a decade Celayix employee scheduling and time & attendance software has been utilized by both large and small scale commercial security operations to effectively manage thousands of security officers.

“I recommend Celayix; it’s the easiest thing to learn, and they had us up and running quickly. We can prepare payroll, generate reports and monitor overtime in a fraction of the time.”

~Charles Fife, Operations Manager
Creative Security Company

Celayix is proven to successfully solve common employee scheduling, communication and time & attendance problems specific to the security sector. By streamlining workforce management processes with Celayix’s line of software products, businesses are able to save both time and money.

Automate Officer Scheduling

  • Dramatically reduce scheduling efforts by automating assignments
  • Manage customer contracts by ensuring contracted hours and skills are provided
  • Proactively manage officer overtime by identifying it before it happens

Streamline Officer Communication

  • Automate the collection of employee availability and time-off requests
  • Quickly find replacements and staff for last minute changes
  • Publish and confirm staff schedules in real-time

Monitor Officer Time & Attendance

  • Track and verify employee attendance in real-time
  • Generate automated alerts in case of late check-in, early check-out and missed safety checks
  • Ensure labor rules are followed and officers are paid accurately and on time
  • Maximize revenue by ensuring hours worked by officers are correctly billed back to customers

Analyze Business Profitability

  • Maximize revenue by ensuring hours worked are correctly billed
  • Automate the transfer of payroll, billing and job costing data to your payroll and financial software
  • Real-time profit margin tracking by customer, site, officer and more

Security Case Studies and White Papers

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