Employee Scheduling Software

Effective Time and Attendance starts with automated error-prone monitoring and time collection solutions. The Celayix platform enables employees to clock-in/out via smartphones, web, time clocks, or telephone.

Clock-in/out in Team Xpress

The Time and Attendance software integrates with a variety of time collection devices and software applications. Comprehensive reporting functions provide an opportunity to strategically manage your workforce, plan budgeting, ensure compliance with labor laws, union agreements, and any other rules specific to a business. With Celayix, you have the ability to identify workforce trends, missed shifts due to illness and employee tardiness, as well as easily analyze this data for patterns. Having this information allows organizations to make and implement effective workplace policies and procedures and hold employees accountable.

With Celayix Time & Attendance Solution your organization can:

  • Monitor employee activity, such as early or late clock-in/out, as well as missed shifts and provide adequate coverage quickly
  • Perform virtual safety checks and confirm employees location with Geo Fencing
  • Pay correct employee overtime, vacation, and statutory holiday wages in accordance with labor laws
  • Maintain multiple pay rates, dual rate job classifications, service or skill levels and times or days worked
  • Eliminate discrepancies, payroll errors, and time theft and match employee time scheduled to employee time worked
  • Raise attendance visibility through real-time monitoring and reports
  • Proactively manage your business by generating and analyzing a myriad of labor reports, understand when and where labor dollars are spent, and make changes accordingly
  • Save administrative time for multiple data entry, export payroll and/or billing data to other business software

Physical time collection devices, such as biometric hand scanners and badge terminals, can be installed and integrated with Celayix employee scheduling and employee Time and Attendance software solutions. Most existing time collection devices can also be integrated with Celayix Software.

Smartphone, internet, and telephone based virtual time collection has become standard in many industries employing a distributed workforce.

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