Celayix employee scheduling software is designed with your business needs in mind. We look at how you manage your employees to customize a workflow best-suited for you.

Celayix allows you to implement rules based scheduling, self-scheduling, and collaborative scheduling.

Reduce scheduling effort by as much as 95% with Schedule Xpress.

Employee Scheduling Software

The Celayix platform can be tailored to meet any scheduling requirements and industry-specific compliance regulations. Celayix is a powerful, yet user-friendly scheduling solution that helps address overtime, handle time-off requests, track the location of your workers, make shift changes and communicate to your employees in real-time. It also allows you to proactively plan and manage your labor budget.

Celayix is a platform of softwares – Team Xpress, Time Xpress, Schedule Xpress, and Voice Xpress – that can be used separately or in unison so your employees can retrieve and confirm their work schedules online, through web, phone or mobile.

With Employee Scheduling Solution your organization can:

  • Ensure only qualified and available staff are scheduled
  • Track the hours worked by your employees with precise accuracy
  • Eliminate double-booking
  • Ensure labor rules are followed and staff are paid accurately
  • Balance working hours evenly and eliminate costly overtime hours
  • Determine correct staffing levels you require for each shift
  • Identify employee tardiness or employees leaving work early, by comparing time and labor expenses

Quickly make one-off or bulk updates to schedules using drag & drop, cut or copy, delete shifts and much more.

Celayix Software Employee Scheduling Solution includes:

  • Scheduling and supervisor control center
  • Employee availability
  • Visual scheduler
  • Time-off requests
  • Accruals
  • Control meal breaks
  • Custom reports and budgeting
  • Custom or standard billing and payroll interface
  • Team Xpress, Time Xpress, Schedule Xpress and Voice Xpress direct integration

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