Employee Scheduling Software

Celayix Software communication solutions, powered by Team Xpress, Time Xpress, and Voice Xpress, allow for more efficient management operations and distribution of employee schedules. Give your staff an easy way to stay informed about what is going on with their schedule.

With Celayix Communication tools, you can perform a variety of game changing functions, including:

  • Automate Scheduling and Shift Information
    • Distribute schedules with the touch of a button
    • Provide important shift details
  • Shift Change Notifications & Acknowledgement
    • Inform employees of any and all shift changes in real time through their employee app, Team Xpress
    • Require staff acknowledge and communicate receipt of shift updates through automated actions
  • Chat Capabilities
    • Enable employees to contact their supervisors, or anyone else, directly from the mobile app or from their desktop / laptop computer
    • Remove the need for texting, calling, or other methods
    • Keep records of communication for compliance or disputes in the future
    • Read receipts on employee side to ensure messages are received and viewed
  • Calendar & Shift Reminders
    • Add shifts automatically to personal calendars through the Celayix iCalendar connector
    • Employees can set custom times for shift reminders
  • Universal Access
    • No training needed if users are familiar with other popular messaging apps
    • Employees have access 24/7 to their shift details, changes and chat records

Gathering availability in Team Xpress

Automate Scheduling and Shift Information

Distributing schedules one-by-one is not only time consuming but often error prone. With Celayix, take the schedules you have created and distribute automatically to employees through e-mail, in-app, or SMS text. Provide the information that will be important to your staff, including location, client details, dress code, and more.

Shift Change Notifications & Acknowledgement

If you operate in an hourly work environment based on demand, there is a high chance changes to schedules are a norm in your business. With Celayix, communicate those changes with staff with the touch of a button. Celayix will automatically send important shift changes, including time changes, check-in site change, and more, directly to the employee. Shift Change Acknowledgments require staff to login into their Team Xpress account to confirm they have received the changed information. Their confirmation is available to managers, ensuring there is no gap in the communication stream. With Celayix, last minute changes are no longer the stress inducing nightmare they once were.

Chat Capabilities

Enable chat capabilities between managers and employees and/or between employees themselves. With read receipts, you have the extra insurance that your message has been sent and received. The chat record is kept to avoid any future disputes. Remove all need to communicate through personal SMS or phone call, have complaints of non-receipt, and more. The chat module is built to emulate other popular chat models for easy uptake.

Calendar & Shift Reminders

The Celayix iCalendar connection allows schedules to be easily and automatically transferred to the calendar of choice for your staff. Whether that is a personal calendar, work calendar or a shared calendar with their family, they can easily stay up to date with their work and personal schedules. Within their calendar of choice, they can set up custom shift reminders that fit their needs. Ultimate flexibility gives employees the freedom, flexibility and information they need to stay informed and happy.

Universal Access

The best part of an automated system is that access is available 24/7/365 from devices of your choice. With the Celayix suite of communication tools, all you need to do is provide employees an account and the automation begins. With access available through both mobile applications for iOS and Android as well as through the browser, team members have access to communications tools from their personal preference. With Celayix training videos available to staff online, even the most complex workflows can be easily learned.


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