Celayix and Guard Center Announce Strategic Partnership
Celayix Software and Guard Center are pleased to announce a new strategic partnership enabling security companies to easily manage their security operation.

The partnership creates a comprehensive workforce management solution including the security industry’s leading scheduling and time & attendance capabilities of Celayix, paired with Guard Center’s ability to manage a mobile workforce and track activities in real time. This provides supervisors with a holistic view of the operations from the back office to security operations.

“We are excited to enter into a partnership with Celayix. Celayix has a leading scheduling and time & attendance solution and continues to expand the capabilities available to security guard companies,” said Boris Abramovich, CEO of Guard Center. “Our goal is to provide our customers with solutions that can help them manage their security guard operations. This partnership helps us further achieve these goals,” said Gurmit Dhaliwal, Celayix CEO added, “Celayix is excited to be working with Guard Center. This partnership will enable us to deliver a complete experience to help our customers become more efficient and reduce costs.”

The security guard industry continues to grow rapidly. With the advent of mobile and cloud technology, clients are demanding real time capabilities for their sites to validate and ensure they are protected. To meet this growth and the changing needs in the market, security operations including site planning, guard tours, scheduling, payroll and billing go hand in hand and by partnering two best of breed solutions, Celayix and Guard Center are providing the security guard industry with the ability to better manage customer relationships and help businesses grow faster.

To learn more about this partnership, please click this link.