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World Famous Casino Resort Hotel
Las Vegas, NV


Moving employees to and from multiple sites and communicating employee scheduling changes proved time consuming. Employee scheduling errors proved detrimental to customer service levels.


Celayix eTime Xpress and Web Xpress automate schedule creation based on employee availability and business needs.


  • Employees are happier having the ability to work at multiple locations
  • Inevitable changes to events – timing, staffing levels – are easily adjusted and communicated with employees
  • More in-house use of staff, and less use of expensive outside contractors

Until recently, one of the world’s largest providers of hotel accommodation, and entertainment, boasting over six properties in Las Vegas, was limited with banquet employees – servers, bartenders and bar apprentices – dedicated to a “home” property. If one of the properties had a greater need for servers on a certain day, employees from other properties could not fill in. Instead, the union provided temporary contract employees.

With the renewal of its union contract, this popular Las Vegas entertainment destination established a class of employees that can work at any of their properties as needed. While most of those employees are automatically put on staff schedules each week, about one-third vie for remaining shifts weekly.

Previously, scheduled employees checked paper schedules posted once a week, while the unscheduled group would call once a week to learn about and request shifts. Banquet coordinators had to answer all those calls and voice mails – sometimes 150 to 200 a day. Plus, banquet coordinators dedicated about 50 percent of their workweeks strictly to employee scheduling issues.

“We have a consistent group of trained, prepared employees that are dedicated to the company, which is fantastic. They can add shifts when they want, so they’re happier, which will enhance customer service”

Scheduling Manager
Banquet Employees Select Shifts Online

Celayix workforce management solutions offered the right combination of web-and phone-based employee scheduling, along with ease of use and customized features to their specific needs. In talks, Celayix consultants proposed an online employee self-scheduling solution that would dramatically simplify weekly scheduling for banquet employees, and banquet coordinators and managers.

Celayix worked closely with the organization to customize the solution, including adding a company branded home page to the online employee scheduling site.

After signing up for a specific shift, employees see the exact times and location of the assignment. By keeping that information hidden until the employee confirms it, the organization avoids certain shifts being taken because employees want to work at specific locations or meeting rooms.

Employees can access the online software via any web-based application, including iPhone, Android or Blackberry devices. Unscheduled banquet employees choose their shifts through the software, as well as scheduled employees looking to pick up additional shifts at any of the six properties. They can also look up their scheduled shifts anytime online, or call in.

“Hospitality self-scheduling allows everyone to access their employee schedules over the web, where before it was a piece of paper tacked onto the wall, and they physically had to come into work and check it out,” said, the scheduling manager. “And they don’t have to call six different places and be on the phone all day.”

Freeing Up to 20 Hours a Week per Banquet Coordinator

Banquet employees have embraced hospitality self scheduling for its time-savings, convenience, fairness and the opportunity to identify more shifts without having to call each separate property. They also know their schedules immediately, instead of waiting a day or two to find out. Likewise, they can check for any changes online or by phone before shifts.

The popular Las Vegas entertainment provider already notes time-savings, along with the valuable, but intangible benefit of enhanced employee satisfaction. Employee self-scheduling, along with online and phone-based schedule-checking, frees up to half of the workweek for banquet coordinators depending on event loads.

By using more in-house trained employees, instead of union contractors, the organization provides a more professional, consistent experience for guests.

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