Miller Event Management (MEM) was searching for a workforce management solution that would help them reduce the time and effort it took to collect and verify hours worked of its hundreds of staff members. This was a necessary, bi-weekly step required before sending the information to the payroll department to ensure accurate and on-time payroll and billing. Every two weeks, their manual tracking and verification process would take the time of multiple people over many days.

MEM began their search for a solution to:


Working with Celayix, MEM was able to implement a workforce management solution that met their key goals. Specifically, they were able to:

  • Automate the collection of time and attendance information from their staff from multiple locations
  • Save time by removing the need to translate and manually verify time collection information from the paper timestamp into spreadsheets before sending it to the payroll team
  • Reduce the time spent in the data entry and verification process
  • Reduce the potential for input errors by moving to an automated process

"Celayix has been able to help us significantly reduce the time we were spending on collecting and verifying our employee’s time and attendance information. Automation has reduced the potential for errors while also helping to remove our manual process."

Patty Miller


Using Celayix, MEM was able to achieve significant time savings immediately. With the automation in the collection and verification of hours worked, MEM saw a 65% time savings, reducing the 30+ hours spent every payroll period to less than 8 hours. After the successful implementation of Celayix for time and attendance, MEM also began using Celayix for employee scheduling. Even in the early stages of implementation, the employee scheduling module resulted in a time saving of over 65%, reducing the effort from 3 days to less than 8 hours.


Miller Event Management (MEM) is an all-in-one event management company providing services in security, parking and traffic, ticket gate operations, and camping management. With over 25 years of experience in the special event management business spanning 5 counties in California, some of the high profile events they manage include World Super Bike Championship, Cal Roots Music Festival, the High Sierra Music Festival, Amgen Tour of California, Monterey Jazz Festival, and many more.

As the company has grown, they came to realize that their manual processes for time and attendance and employee scheduling were not adequate. Specifically, they understood that the time spent manually reconciling their time and attendance data took too long and significantly increased the chance of errors. This led to MEM investigating solutions and eventually selecting Celayix Software to solve their scheduling and time and attendance needs.

The initial requirement was to remove the need to manually record time worked on paper. This included automating how hours were recorded in the field, how these recorded hours from were input into spreadsheets and how they were verified before being sent to the payroll department. Using Celayix Software, they were able to automate this process and save significant time while reducing the risk of input errors leading to staff being paid incorrectly. In an industry where staff can easily move to a competitor, accurate pay is essential. MEM is able to save over 65% of their time using Celayix while still ensuring accuracy.

As Celayix was implemented for time and attendance, MEM came to realize the potential of using the software to improve efficiency in other areas including employee scheduling. Employees began managing their time and schedules through Celayix’s employee portal, Team Xpress, which now allowed them to see updates to their schedule in real-time, 24/7, 365. With an initial time savings of 65% over their existing process, using the employee scheduling software component of Celayix will likely yield even more significant efficiency gains as it is implemented further throughout the organization. With Celayix using a market driven approach to development of new features and relying on its customers to provide feedback and suggestion for improvements, MEM will continue to see further gains from advancements made in the software that fit their industry and their business needs.

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