A unique luxury resort hotel and casino in the heart of the Las Vegas strip was looking for an automated solution to their manual scheduling process. The main goals of their search included the need to fulfil the following requirements:


Working with Celayix, the hotel was able to solve their key problems. These included:

"With the introduction of Celayix, we have been able to remove our manual process and see efficiency gains of 80% in banquets and 30% in beverages."

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Upper Management


Celayix was able to achieve efficiencies in both the banquets and the F&B departments.

In the Banquets department, there was an overall 80% efficiency gain, decreasing scheduling time to two days.

The F&B department saw an overall efficiency gain of 30%. Although this was lower compared to the Banquets Department, the overall efficiency gains for this department are huge and scheduling was cut down to 3 days.


This hotel has nearly 3,000 rooms, a 100,000 square foot casino and nearly 200,000 square feet of meeting space. It consistently gets rated one of the best hotels in the world and was voted as such in 2013 by Gogobot. In 2015, Conde Nast Traveller Gold List included them in its list acknowledging it amongst the best hotels in the world

The hotel came to realize that their manual scheduling solution was not able to meet their needs or the requirements of their employees. When looking for a solution, Celayix came to mind as it is used by many similar properties in Las Vegas and other cities. In addition, the employees that would be using Celayix were familiar with the mobile application as they had used it at other locations and was easy to use making the learning curve much simpler. With the automation requirement, using autofill and self-scheduling enabled the hotel to quickly fill shifts or have their co-stars self-schedule based on their availability and qualifications. Celayix was able to greatly improve scheduling efficiency and allowed the hotel to better allocate resources to other tasks instead of the creation of the schedule.

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