Solution Review


Alachua County Sheriff’s Office
Alachua, FL

Improving Extra Duty


Eliminate Excel and paper-based systems that had become too difficult to manage and track Extra Duty.


Celayix’s Employee Scheduling Software, eTime Xpress, for employee scheduling, provides the ability to see and schedule available staff according to pre-defined requirements for proper shift coverage.


  • Implemented a solution that offered value compared to other systems on the market
  • Increased level of service to the community with better staff coverage, having the right officers in the right place, at the right time

Alachua County Sheriff’s Office is a multidimensional law enforcement agency consisting of 252 sworn Deputies, 180 Detention Officers, and 244 non-sworn support employees in North Central Florida. The County has an estimated year round population of approximately 200,000 residents, not including 50,000 University of Florida students and 13,000 Santa Fe Community College students.

In 2003 Alachua County Sheriff’s Office Uniform Patrol Division Extra Duty Section gave up on their manual system for officer scheduling and switched to a workforce management solution from Celayix.

The head of the Uniform Patrol Division, Captain Emery Gainey, explains: “We were using an Excel, paper-based system that suited us fine when our officer scheduling needs were less complex and we had a smaller workforce to manage.

As time passed on we were having difficulty planning and tracking our Extra Duty because we were handling too much of the process manually. So we took a look at what was out there and found Celayix.”

“Running a county Sheriff’s Office properly requires equally sound software. That’s where Celayix comes in.”

Captain Emery Gainey
Head, Uniform Division
An Effective Planning Tool

Why Celayix? Gainey says Celayix is a comprehensive planning tool for employee scheduling, and offers the most value for money compared to the other competing solutions on the market that we looked at. “We needed an effective planning tool that was going to allow us to create and manage our Extra Duty.

We also needed a solution that could be installed and configured efficiently with minimal impact on my division”, tells Gainey, noting that these were key factors in making the switch. “Celayix is a well-defined workforce management solution because it allows users to build employee schedules easily months ahead of time, and know who the available staff are for a given shift according to my pre-defined skill sets required for proper shift coverage.

We are now no longer shuffling through paperwork and have significantly reduced the time it takes us to build the right officer schedules with the right people. All of this means practicality and an ease of use in managing Extra Duty in a law enforcement agency like the Alachua County Sheriff’s Office. The ever-increasing need to protect the peace and safety of our communities can now be met.

Proven Functionality

Celayix also proved to be excellent value that delivered the functionality we were looking for. ”The program runs smoothly and the customer service is courteous and cooperative.” says Gainey. “They are willing to work with us to solve special circumstances that arise.” The Sheriff’s Office is finding out that using Celayix has also allowed them to be smoother and reduce the amount of time its taking to build effective employee schedules months ahead of time.

Running the Sheriff’s Office Extra Duty Section more efficiently means better service to the citizens that we serve, Gainey says. “We can’t afford to have a system that takes away from this mandate. Celayix allows us to know the right officers are scheduled for the right job at the right time with ease”.

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