The Home Health Care industry has many challenges with regards to efficiently scheduling health care workers and tracking their time and attendance. To remain profitable Home Health Care providers need to manage their workforce with effective and efficient employee scheduling, making sure that caregivers are not only in the right place at the right time, but that they also have the proper qualifications to provide the support and service that patients require.

Tracking and monitoring hours worked by home health care staff also becomes a challenge. Maintaining your reputation as a business starts with ensuring that services requested are always delivered upon, and correctly billed for.

Over the years Celayix has answered many questions and found solutions specific employee scheduling and employee time & attendance in the Home Health Care industry. To help you start on the path to find solutions to your scheduling nightmares, we’ve provided the top three questions from Health Care providers, and answers to effectively schedule and track employees.

How do we ensure staff with the proper qualifications are matched and scheduled to deliver on client’s health care needs?

Your answer here is rules based scheduling. What you need is a software package that allows you to collect and store information about each employee’s specific skill set. Be sure to include any certificates or training and set up alerts when those qualifications expire.

When you’re ready to create your schedule you simply set rules in place that filter out any employees that do not meet the qualifications that your clients require. Doing this drastically decreases any scheduling errors and ensures proper patient care.

How can we avoid time theft by employees and ensure that my clients are being given the adequate time and care they’ve paid for and deserve?

Tracking a mobile workforce is possible and easy with the power of the Internet or telephone. Hold your workforce accountable by having them clock-in/out upon arriving and departing from a client’s home through any Internet connection or cellular telephone. With the power of GPS technology you don’t have to worry about false punches, knowing your employees are not punching in from home.

In the case of an employee forgetting to clock-in/out or not arriving to a client’s residence, system alerts can be put into place to notify supervisory or administrative staff. A quick call can then be placed to the employee to question the missed clock-in, and if need be, replace that employee instantly via text messaging or email via other health care workers in the area.

Why does billing have to take so much time, and how can I decrease the number of mistakes?

Having the power to integrate your employee scheduling and time & attendance software with a payroll solution like Quickbooks, Lawson or any other popular accounting software package can be done, and is proven to save time and money.

Many billing mistakes are made when the information is transcribed manually from one system to another. By having software that speaks to each other, less human errors occur and in most cases an entire person from the administrative team can be placed on projects that help the business streamline other areas of their operation.

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