Staff Scheduling Software Makes Life Easier

Staff Scheduling Software

As the old saying goes, a happy employee is a productive employee. It is rather simple, the easier you can make things for your employee, the more they will do for you. Part of making things easier for your staff is doing a better job of scheduling them. That could mean many different things, but it boils down to what works best for your business’ needs and your employees’ lives.

The first step towards better scheduling is better communication. A lot of back and forth communication goes into scheduling, especially if you have rotating shifts, part-time or casual workers, or dynamic shift needs. You need to communicate shift availability, your staff needs to communicate their availability, and you need to share their schedule with them. This can be incredibly difficult if you are communicating back forth with a cork board, paper and pen, email, phone, or text. There are just too many failure points for a lapse of communication or error.

A great way to alleviate these concerns, and more, is to utilize staff scheduling software. Scheduling software allows your employees to easily provide their availability through mobile app or the web. They can even submit and check the status of their time off requests. Staff scheduling software also allows you to share open shifts with your employees in a convenient, fair, and transparent way. Also, you can easily communicate back and forth right within the app, which will streamline and document all correspondence in case of a dispute.

If you need help improving communication with your employees and improving your scheduling process, please reach out to the Celayix team. We have dozens of documented cases of businesses dramatically improving their operations with the help of staff scheduling software.