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Staff Scheduling for the Security Industry

When you run a security guard business, you often have multiple clients, multiple locations and a lot of security guards. Managing the logistics of those guards is not always easy. So, what can you do to make life easier?

Scheduling your staff can be hard. That’s why at Celayix, we believe scheduling should be made easy. There’s enough stress in our lives and scheduling doesn’t have to be one of them. With our guard scheduling software, it has never been easier to organize your entire workforce efficient and effortlessly. Check out the ways in which Celayix can help any business in the security industry thrive!

Three Programs Suited for Your Needs

Celayix’s security guard software comes with three programs, Celayix Scheduler, Time and Attendance and Celayix Mobile App. Scheduler is the core of the software suite. In this program, you can make and edit schedules with ease. Other features include communicating with your guards, finding replacements quickly, and many more. With Schedule Xpress, management can create and maintain custom schedule templates by clients and sites.

The second program is Time Xpress. It’s an application that supervisors can use on their tablets in the field or at headquarters. It provides supervisors with powerful tools to collect and review time, monitor attendance, and communicate with team members. The best part, it’s all in real-time! With real-time notifications, management will be able to resolve any issue that arises on a site. For example, whether it’s a missed shift or a guard leaving his site too early, management will know instantly. Finally, Team Xpress is the application that security guards use to interact with the schedules you set. In here, guards can check their schedule, give their availability, check-in/out to their shifts, and keep timesheets.

Guard No-Shows? No Problem

Sometimes, life can get in the way. We understand that. But the bottom line is that you need a shift filled. Our guard scheduling software has a plethora of features to help you stay on top and get shifts filled quickly. Here’s a couple of features you can utilise if a guard does not show up:

Replacing people has never been easier. With Time Xpress, supervisors can filter through replacements for empty shifts by employee availability, compliance, and contracts. Also, with features such as broadcast messaging, you can swiftly alert your workforce that a shift is available. Finally, with self-scheduling, employers can set shifts with certain requirements. Then, your workforce can fill up the shift on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Automation is Key in the Security Industry

With Celayix AI, making schedules has never been easier. Say goodbye to the days of spending hours on scheduling employees. This AI feature is one of the first artificial intelligence recommendation engines built into guard scheduling software to make your life easier. Celayix AI can automate your scheduling process by including shift requirements, compliance, overtime and people with contracts! In addition to the creation of schedules, This AI can also make suggestions to create the most optimized schedule for your company. It looks back on your historical scheduling patterns and tries to use previous data to create the best schedule for you and your employees. Think of this AI as a secondary partner that you can rely on to give you advice when creating schedules. Never worry again about spending hours on manually editing employee schedules when a few clicks is all you need.

Where are my Guards?

Another immensely useful feature is guard tracking. If you are ever worried that your guards are not in the right place at the assigned, just open the Time Xpress app on your tablet. From there, you will be able to see the location of every guard who checks-in to work. How is this possible? Using our mobile app, Team Xpress, security guards will check-in to work. When they check-in, their location will be sent to the supervisor app, Time Xpress. With the technology of geofencing, security guards will only be able to check-in an area that is around the job site.

Keep on top of your workforce with records of every guard’s location and time of check-in for compliance. Our Team Xpress app works on many devices, to ensure that employers can be certain guards have multiple ways to check-in if one method fails. A couple of mediums that guards can check-in on are laptops, mobile phones, tablets, clocks and many more. With so many ways to get notified, supervisors and mangers can stay alert of late check-ins and no shows in real time.

Team Availability at Your Fingertips

Knowing the status of availability is huge in the security industry. Many guards are part time workers that have ever changing availabilities. With our software, supervisors can rest easy by having easy access to their guard’s availabilities. In Team Xpress, guards can communicate their availability to supervisors in real time, ensuring team members only get scheduled when they are available. No more guess work and going down a list of employees to find out who’s free for your empty shift.

Maximizing Profit in the Security Industry

With many of our integrations with other companies, we provide an effortless way to track profit margins. Supervisors can track profit margins by a variety of ways, including by customer, site and number of guards. Automate the transfer of payroll, billing and job costing data to your payroll and financial software. By looking at real time statistics, management can maximize revenue by ensuring hours worked are correctly billed to minimize costs as much as possible.

Celayix also has many integrations with payroll companies such as ADP, Paychex, Paycom, and Ceridian. We even have many integrations with financial and accounting systems such as Sage, Oracle Financials, QuickBooks, and Microsoft Dynamics. If there’s some other program that you can use, we have our own API that can integrate into other third-party systems. All these integrations allow for a seamless transfer of data between all the different software you might use for your business.

With all of these features we offer, Celayix can help your business gain that competitive advantage. The vast number of features and integrations we offer will help bring your business to the next level. Our guard scheduling software will let you sleep easy at night knowing that you have the best software in the industry. If any the features above interest you, don’t hesitate to email or call us to find out more information.

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