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Ramco Switches From Existing Scheduling Software to Celayix

This case study details how Ramco Protective Services uses Celayix shift-scheduling and time & attendance software to streamline their scheduling process and better inform their decision-making processes with Celayix reporting.

Ramco Protective Services, Inc.

Established in 1996, Orlando-area security firm Ramco provides security personnel services for residential and commercial properties. Its two locations in Altamonte Springs and Naples, Florida, deploy a total of 170 employees to dozens of client sites.

Location: Orlando, Florida, USA

Industry: Security

Company size: 50-200 employees


Ramco invested in a workforce management solution to cut costs and streamline frequent activities like employee scheduling. It purchased software and incurred the time and expense of training its employees. 

Ramco found their previous employee scheduling and time & attendance software difficult, costly and time-consuming to use. “It was overpriced for what it offered”, said Adam Walfish, General Manager of Ramco. “We needed something easier to use and more affordable”.

When Walfish joined as General Manager, he looked for ways to reduce costs and streamline administrative functions. He saw the firm’s existing workforce management system as an obstacle to both those objectives.


The company traded complexity and high costs in for Celayix, an affordable and intuitive application that proved to be a much better overall solution.

It was an easy decision to switch to Celayix, a Web-enabled workforce management application. With Celayix, Ramco got a system that is easier to use, more powerful and easier on Ramco’s budget. Plus, the Web-based nature of Celayix frees Ramco from IT management hassles.

“Celayix is a lot more user friendly than our previous application and it does a better job handling the complexity of our business”, Walfish said. “We can move employees around easily on the schedule, which helps us complete staff schedules faster.

A Celayix consultant implemented Celayix at both locations, and provided training for six staff members. They were able to begin using it immediately to generate weekly schedules.

“Celayix is a lot more user friendly than our previous application and it does a better job handling the complexity of our business.”

Adam Walfish, General Manager


Faster, more intuitive scheduling with Celayix’s visual scheduler

With Celayix, Ramco staff can customize schedule views and allocate an employee in a single click. In turn, they cut the amount of time it takes to build employee schedules in half.

“Celayix is much more intuitive and makes it much easier to manipulate employees on one screen, instead of the several clicks with the other software”, he said. “It’s 20 times easier to look at and we can make the staff schedule look the way we want”.

That translates to employee schedules that are easier for all to read. Open shifts are highlighted in yellow and overtime shifts in red. Employees can quickly identify shifts that are open and pick them up, making it simpler for Ramco to fill open shifts. Also, managers are more aware of employee overtime, helping them reduce unnecessary overtime.

When the work is complete, Ramco brings over data from Celayix to Quicktime for payroll and accounting processing.

Better decision-making with Celayix’s reporting features

As general manager, Walfish uses the profitability reports in Celayix to help make better staffing decisions. “I love the profitability reports. I can actually see where there are opportunities to improve the bottom line”, he said.

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