Geo-Fencing & Staff Scheduling Software

Staff Scheduling Software

Manually keeping track of remote employees on pen & paper, excel, or a white board can be a nightmare. You stress about employees showing up on time (did they even show up in the first place?), are all your client sites covered, are your employees safe, how will you know if they stay until the end of their shift, and much, much more.

These are all legitimate concerns; concerns that can have huge implications on your bottom line. To mitigate these concerns, Celayix’s Staff Scheduling Software platform utilizes geo-fencing. A geo-fence is a virtual perimeter for a real-world geographic area. Your employees will have to be present in this geographic area to sign in and out of their shifts, perform safety checks, start and end their breaks, etc. This will ensure your employees are where they should be and give you piece of mind that you are properly running your business.

Our Team Xpress app has many other features, including Self-Scheduling, Providing Availability, In-app Messaging, and more. Staff scheduling software empowers your employees to get involved in the scheduling process, which leads to higher employee engagement and satisfaction, while reducing the scheduler’s workload.

To learn more about geo-fencing and our other scheduling products, please reach out to the Celayix team!