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Employees Save Time Managing Their Weekly Schedules With Celayix

This case study describes how a leading table gaming company, with over 28 gaming properties, has excelled its employee scheduling through the Celayix employee app.


Table Gaming Company X (Name Confidential)

Founded in 1975 it is an American-based gaming company located in Las Vegas, Nevada. They operate 28 gaming properties in ten states including Nevada, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Missouri, Ohio, and Pennsylvania. They are a family-owned business that has been one of the leading organizations in the gaming industry for the last 40 years.

Location: Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

Industry: Gaming

Company Size: 15,000+ employees


Before adopting Celayix, This table gaming company was using traditional, paper-based schedules to roster their employees on a weekly/ monthly basis. Due to the vast amount of employees that they supervise in all 28 locations across the US, it became apparent that they needed a more sophisticated scheduling process.

Their previous scheduling process was tedious when it came to employees viewing their hours and requesting time off.  With no software in place, their gaming department had to rely on paper schedules.  Employees would have to come into the office to view their schedules and could also see their colleagues’ schedules which caused even more issues. Similarly, when requesting time off, employees had to write up a form and hand it to the HR office in person.

Their manual process was particularly awkward to use when the scheduling admin needed to make changes to a schedule that was already seen by employees. When shifts changed, it was difficult to inform employees that their hours had been updated which was resolved when they made the switch to Celayix.


Due to the high number of employees working in the company, they needed a solution that would make their employees’ schedules and time and attendance process more efficient. They chose Celayix as their workforce management software to cut out the challenges they were experiencing. Since adopting Celayix, they were able to eliminate a lot of the arduous tasks previously required by employees.

Through the Celayix Mobile App, employees can now view their schedule virtually and be alerted by any changes that occur without going into the office to do so. Similarly, their scheduling administrator has found it much easier to alter live schedules without having to leave her desk.

“I love the way I can change the scheduling program throughout the week and I don’t have to get up and change it in five different places and each of the pits downstairs”

Scheduling Administrator


Less Stress When Requesting Time Off

Employees of the table gaming company no longer have to file a time off request form in person. With Celayix they can request time off using our mobile app which alerts their scheduling administrator by email, cutting down on significant time.

Simple Schedule Alterations

As highlighted above, one of the best features from the scheduler’s perspective is the ease of scheduling alterations. Previously, one would need to manually change 5 different schedules around the property to keep all the live schedules consistent, but with Celayix, the administrator can make these changes from her desk while simultaneously alerting the employees of any schedule changes.

No Scheduling Complaints

Now that the employees view their weekly schedule through their profile on the Celayix App, the admin doesn’t receive any complaints regarding why employees are scheduled at certain hours. Previously, employees could view their colleagues’ schedules, sometimes preferring the hours received by others but with access to only their schedule, this issue has been eliminated 

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