Agile Teams

Nowadays, more and more organizations are following agile software development methodologies. Despite that, some companies are still struggling to promptly deliver high quality scheduling software. The old concept, according to which software needs to be tested right after the development has been completed, no longer works.

Successful quality assurance teams carry out testing alongside the development processes. Daily collaboration sessions allow team members to easily connect and communicate with each other. Specifications get reviewed and revised more often and ‘grey areas’ as well as potential issues are being revealed before the coding is done. When QA engineers work side by side with developers, business analysts, and UI designers, they can suggest changes or improvements on the go.

This helps build a rock solid product that leads to the constantly increasing client base as a result of that. Agile QA teams begin writing test cases once the design specifications and other documentation are ready, and based on that, provide their ideas for enhancements in a timely manner. Partially tested or untested applications can affect the business reputation and customer loyalty.

Agile testers are able to give an immediate response which allows developers to fix errors and correct mismatches during the development phase itself. Even during unit and integration tests performed by developers, QA analysts may be a great source of brilliant ideas and exceptionally helpful suggestions.

As illustrated in the image above, a so called “quality funnel,” which is comprised of several testing iteration layers illustrates that the earlier QA engineers get involved in the design and spec discussions, the faster they can find and report issues, minimizing the risk associated with a bad end user experience.

Since we never get a second chance to make a first impression, it is important for us to make sure that our potential and existing customers are fully satisfied with the solution, we build for them. If you would like to learn more about our employee scheduling software, please contact us!