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Manufacturing Employee Scheduling Software

In the past, only large organizations could afford scheduling software, but then cloud-based services and the lightning fast development of the internet & technology changed things. Today, companies offer employee scheduling and shift planning software via the Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) model, which can be used in multiple industries including manufacturing.

In the manufacturing industry, efficiency and productivity are two key factors in the equation of manufacturing a high-quality product. They’re also vital for maintaining a healthy profit margin. Manufacturers want to eliminate time waste and avoid any scheduling mishaps.  The last thing a manufacturer needs is to worry about spending unnecessary time writing out laborious employee schedules. Typically, this involves chasing managers to ensure schedules are correct. Avoiding scheduling mix-ups (too many employees on one shift, unnecessary overtime, no-shows) is a hefty task.

Luckily, it’s 2019! In the past, only large organizations could afford scheduling software. Now however thanks to cloud-based services and the lightning-fast development of the internet & technology changed things. Today, companies offer employee scheduling and shift planning software via the Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) model. This can be used in multiple industries including manufacturing. It doesn’t matter the scope or size of your manufacturing organization. Nonetheless, employee scheduling software can help with the formation of a strategically managed workforce.

So, we’ve already looked at the benefits of what employee scheduling software can do for a manufacturing business from afar. Now, let’s really dig deep into how much of a difference it can really make:

  • Improves your bottom line
  • Improves efficiency while reducing employee burnout
  • Leads to happier employees
  • Enhanced decision making

The Bottom Line

“Within the year, we were able to eliminate about $100,000 in overtime. Essentially all of the avoidable overtime within our organization.”

Let’s talk numbers! Everyone knows that most business is about more than just money. It’s about adding value and making a difference in the lives of others. But, as explained by Phil Knight (the creator of Nike) profit to a business is like blood to the human body. It’s vital to function and allow businesses to develop and go after their higher goals. In the manufacturing industry, scheduling is hugely important, particularly staff/employee scheduling. In one Celayix case study, a HR manager with a manufacturing company noted that Celayix’s employee scheduling software enabled them to eliminate about $100,000 in overtime. This helped by freeing up HR management’s time in the process as the need for a full time position to schedule overtime was eliminated.

Improved Efficiency

When you use tailored manufacturing employee scheduling software, the efficiency and productivity with which you set the schedule can increase dramatically. Implementing rules-based scheduling, like Celayix’s Scheduler allows a manufacturer to automate scheduling rules to account for shift qualifications, double booking, and overtime to ensure the right staff is scheduled for the shift. Having the ability to customise schedule layouts to match unique company needs enables a manufacturer to streamline their scheduling process, thus improving efficiency.

Twinned with improving efficiency is ensuring employees are not suffering from burnout and as a result, remaining engaged and productive. By using employee scheduling software, you can greatly reduce the risk of employee burnout, which has been estimated to cost U.S businesses between $150 and $300 billion annually. This software will enable you to avoid over-scheduling an employee, reducing overtime costs, and employee burnout. This leads us on to the next point, accurate, easy-to-use scheduling software steers manufacturers towards happier employees.

Happier Employees

The use of employee scheduling software in manufacturing has a huge benefit in terms of employee satisfaction and overall happiness. Employees have different personal lives, and in turn different preferences regarding what shifts suit them. Some may be available at weekends, others may have children and need to work mornings, others may just like working nights. The important point here is that everyone is different, and staff scheduling software will allow you, as a manufacturer, to accommodate for these differences. Taking these nuances into account during the scheduling process will cut down on lateness, absences, double –booking and the likes. Not only does the scheduling software improve efficiency, it empowers employees by putting scheduling in to their hands.

A perfect example of employee scheduling software that facilitates employee empowerment is Celayix Mobile. Its self-scheduling function allows staff to schedule themselves into qualified shifts based on configured business rules, demand, and employee preferences. Having a self-service scheduling portal like this can provide employees with total visibility of their schedules and can also allow instant communication between management and staff. This is one of the reasons “Your Business Needs a Workforce Scheduling Software” according to HRtechnologist.com.

Enhanced Decision Making

Accurate data/metrics facilitates better decision making. Employee scheduling software allows manufacturing management to analyse specific, useful data from the software.  Evaluating the employee productivity and performance, tardiness, sign in/out, overtime, etc. recorded in the employee scheduling software, allows management to make the right decisions when it comes to facilitating future staffing requirements. Manufacturers can make a more accurate, numerically-sound approach to staffing decisions. Celayix Time, a software solution that provides supervisors with a suite of powerful tools to collect and review employee/staffing data, can act as powerful tool to expedite the strategic decision making process of a manufacturer.

To learn more about how Celayix can help your manufacturing operation improve efficiency, boost the bottom line, and save you time and headache, reach out to us today.

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