5 Ways To Increase Employee Engagement



It’s 2019, and the current labor market is drastically different from the one that came before it. For the most part, people working in one job for twenty years is a thing of the past. However, that’s just the tip of the iceberg; flexible employee scheduling, the ability to communicate openly and instantly with management, and employee freedom and autonomy are now at the forefront of employee engagement.

In other words, the modern workforce wants to make a difference while being included in decision-making. Not too much to ask, right? The endless progression of technology brings with it new processes, like AI, machine learning & cloud based computing. One aspect that reflects this is the area of employee scheduling software. Staff scheduling software gives management the ability to engage with this new era of employees effectively. It also improves productivity and the bottom line. Anyway enough anticipation, here’s 5 ways that you, as a manager, can increase employee engagement:


  • Provide autonomy
  • Set stable scheduling
  • Communicate horizontally
  • Show your vulnerability
  • Appreciate your employees

Provide Autonomy

For an employer  to entrust his or her staff with the ability to make decisions, is hugely empowering. Giving employees autonomy when it comes to picking their shifts, setting their schedule, shift bidding, and swapping/covering shifts, makes a massive difference. After all, who doesn’t want to feel freedom in the workplace? When staff get this kind of autonomy they become happier and more satisfied as their work has become more meaningful. Just look at the quote below from ciphr.com.

“Giving your employees more control over how they do things can make a huge difference to employee performance, productivity and commitment.”

Set Stable Scheduling

Setting a set schedule allows peace of mind for employees and management. When employees have a clearly laid out schedule, provided to them well in advance, they tend to be a lot more engaged. Thus, they will be happier. In fact, unstable work schedules can actually harm their well-being. As for management, the aforementioned study advises that stable scheduling increases productivity and sales. Staff scheduling software that improves the bottom line and employee happiness presents itself as a powerful weapon in the modern workplace.

Communicate Horizontally

“Horizontal communication is the transmission of information between people, divisions, departments or units within the same level of organizational hierarchy. You can distinguish it from vertical communication, which is the transmission of information between different levels of the organizational hierarchy.


When management wishes to engage their employees, it’s tough to do so within an archaic horizontal organizational hierarchy. When communication is horizontal and equal among all stakeholders, it’s much easier to engage your employees and for them to engage with you. On the other hand, poor communication can impact stress levels, deadlines, morale, health and the bottom line negatively, according to chron.com. A handy tool in a lot of employee scheduling software packages is instant messaging. So you can have instant, direct communication with your employees through the software, eliminating any vagueness or confusion.

Show Your Vulnerability

Although it’s not an easy thing to do, showing employees that you are vulnerable and don’t know everything can actually be a very healthy approach to leadership. Daniel Coyle, in the book “the culture code”, explains that sharing vulnerability enables us to express our big ideas without fear of judgment. When management show their vulnerability to their employees, it fosters an environment of openness, trust and most importantly transparency. If an employee can operate within this type of workplace – they will most certainly feel happier and more engaged. Asking for employees help when scheduling is one way to start. Not only are you asking for their participation and showing them they’re valued, you’re saying “I need a hand”.

96% of job seekers say that it’s important to work for a company that embraces transparency


Appreciate Your Employees

One of Dale Carnegie‘s core principles, was to give honest and sincere appreciation. When trying to engage your employees, this could well be the most important factor. In fact, Seven out of 10 employees who received appreciation for their good work said they’re happy with their jobs. But among employees who hadn’t received recognition, only 39 percent say they’re satisfied at work. This, according to inc.com. When a manger is introducing employees to staff scheduling software that enables engagement, autonomy and freedom, they will certainly feel appreciated. This kind of software allows employees to pick their own shifts, communicate openly with management, have prior knowledge of when they are working, and avoid last minute cancellations or changes to their schedule.

Ways That Celayix Can Help With Engaging Your Employees

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