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Employee Scheduling Software

Understanding Employee Scheduling Software

Celayix’s powerful line of workforce management software supports three common advanced scheduling practices, rules basedcollaborative or employee self-scheduling.

Celayix provides solutions to fit any environment or industry. Our advanced employee scheduling software solutions will allow you to manage your workforce more effectively and efficiently.

Celayix advanced employee scheduling software solution eTime Xpress has proven to,

  • Cut labor costs by eliminating avoidable overtime, streamlining management processes, and creating the most cost efficient workforce deployments
  • Improve employee satisfaction by increasing employee’s involvement in the management process, creating better access to important scheduling data, and reducing unnecessary communication time
  • Improve customer satisfaction by ensuring properly qualified staff are in the right place at the right time

Visit our resource center for your complimentary download of Buying Scheduling Software, a comprehensive guide to evaluating vendors and purchasing workforce management software.

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