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Employee Scheduling Software

Labor is often the biggest cost of any business. It’s also one of the most difficult and frustrating resources to manage if you’re not doing it right. Celayix can simplify all that.

Celayix’s eTime Xpress employee scheduling software is customized for your business. We look at your needs and how you manage your business to create a workflow that is right for you. We sit down with you to find out what your business rules are and build them into the employee scheduling flow. Once done, our employee scheduling software can automatically create shift schedules that are free of conflicts, meet your business needs, as well as compliance requirements.

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Our Customers

Companies around the world that rely on Celayix to make sure their staff are at the right place at the right time.


Industries Served

Time and Attendance


Effective time and attendance starts with Celayix time collection and monitoring solutions. We offer the option of virtual or physical devices, enabling employees to clock-in &out via the telephone, web, or through traditional time clocks including biometric devices

  • Monitoring - Real-time alerts to missed clock in
  • Compliance - Receive hard data of your employee’s hours
  • Variance Analysis – analyze employee hours, identify trends, and implement effective policies
  • Reporting – pre-built reports for analysis and simple to create customer reporting
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Payroll Integration

Easily export Time and Attendance data to the payroll or accounting solution of your choice. We already have pre-built templates for these popular solutions:

Schedule Communication

Celayix’s Web Xpress and Voice Xpress employee portals allow your employees to easily check shift information, share their work availability and shift preferences, confirm scheduled shifts, as well as clock in and out.

  • Reduce time spent collecting staff availability
  • Eliminate missed shifts due to communication errors
  • Easily manage last minute changes and communicate shift information to staff via web and mobile
  • Quickly find available staff in the event of no-shows
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