For over a decade, Celayix employee scheduling and time & attendance software has been utilized by a variety of venue and event based customers to effectively manage thousands of staff members. Celayix is committed to providing best-of-breed software, and is proud to deliver business solutions for our customers’ biggest asset – their workforce.

eTime Xpress for Venues

Features & Benefits

Create Customized Business Rules

Reducing scheduling errors by following business rules specific to your organization. These could include qualifications, seniority, or union agreements.

Accurately Monitor Time and Attendance

Provide supervisors and managers with tools to monitor attendance, absences, and incidents.

Select the Right Time Option For You

Choose from a variety of time clock options, including biometrics, supervisor apps, web clocks, and telephony portals.

Proactively Prevent Overtime

Lower labor costs by eliminating avoidable overtime, through identification and substitution of available employees.

Generate Labor Reports

Create over 100 labor analysis reports to support decision making and manage labor costs.

Replacement Management

Reassign missed shifts or last minute changes with ease. The system filters through your available staff, finding qualified replacements within seconds.

Integrate With Payroll and Billing

Eliminate manual and error prone data entry through integration with your existing payroll, HR, and accounting software.

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