Celayix Schedule Xpress

Schedule Xpress is an easy to use scheduling tool. It gives schedulers 24/7/365 access to review and modify employee schedules from wherever they have access to the web.

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Schedule Xpress includes many powerful features including:

  • Capability to create and assign employees to shifts or publish shifts so that employees can self-select shifts that fit into their own schedule
  • Ability to view the scheduling information in a layout that fits the business needs including but not limited to customer, employee, site, location and based on specified timeframes such as monthly, weekly, daily or even a custom time window.
  • Productivity tools that allow users to quickly update multiple shifts at the same time, and copy/paste one or multiple shifts.
  • Customize forms to show only the information that is required and in the order that is preferred.
  • Find replacements for shifts when employees say they can no longer work a shift with flexibility to see a ranked list of people who match the requirements.
  • With a few clicks, quickly reassign shifts from one employee to another which is useful when someone leaves the company.
  • Ability to use labor forecasting to create shifts based on specified ratios

To learn more, please check out our Schedule Xpress product tour!