Latest Celayix Product Updates

Our developers have been hard at work to bring you new capabilities and improvements to our range of workforce management solutions. Specifically, we have made product updates to eTime Xpress, Web Xpress and Web Xpress Mobile and the Supervisor Xpress mobile app. Read about them here!

eTime Xpress

  • The Schedules Report can now group and filter shifts based Shift Reference data. This is particularly relevant to clients integrating with Evention for gratuity disbursement purposes.
  • You can now automatically create all open shifts as self-scheduled shifts. Contact Celayix Support to enable this feature.
  • A Payroll Based Journal report is now available to track employees, services providers and hours. This is particularly relevant for clients in healthcare who are required to provide Payroll Based Journals. Contact Celayix Support to get this feature.
  • Restore archived employees easily within eTime Xpress. You do not need to call Support anymore to enable this feature.
  • The Employee Master report allows you to filter based on the employee archival status.
  • The data on archived status and date fields can be exported from the system.
  • Send SMS alerts directly to employees using this premium feature.
  • Preview reports automatically in full-screen mode.
  • We have removed inconsistency in the shift confirmation process between Web Xpress and Web Xpress Mobile. Earlier, employees could change shift status in the mobile app which was not possible for Web Xpress. This change is to ensure employees cannot change the shift status once it is confirmed.

Web Xpress

  • View or hide additional shift fields independently. Split the Customer Name, Site Name and Shift Start Time and Shift End Times.

Web Xpress Mobile

  • In-app chat feature added to the mobile app. Chat functions include Supervisor to Employee, Employee to Supervisor and Employee to Employee.

Supervisor Xpress

  • In-app chat feature is also available on the Supervisor Xpress mobile app. Chat functions include Supervisor to Employee, Employee to Supervisor and Employee to Employee.
  • Search for employees in the app by employee name, specifically when creating a new shift.


You can download the latest versions of the Web Xpress Mobile and Supervisor Xpress from the Apple and Android stores. The updated versions will include new features, fixes and stability improvements.

Please keep in mind that eTime Xpress is available in many configurations. We have described updates that you may or may not want to be configured based on the needs of your company. In addition, this article does not cover custom enhancements made for individual clients.

For more information, please contact Celayix Support at