The Predictive Rush

Over the past few years, many jurisdictions have passed predictive rules including:

  • San Francisco’s Retail Workers Bill of Rights
  • Seattle’s Secure Scheduling Law
  • New York City’s Fair Workweek regulation
  • Oregon Senate Bill 828 – Predictive Scheduling

Above is a small subset of the jurisdictions that have approved legislation. Many others are at various stages of investigating and implementing their own rules. These rules also include penalties for non-compliance which can be quite significant. For example, NYC Fair Workweek regulation has penalties ranging for $10 to $75 for schedule changes. What’s a business to do?

Although the laws are complex and the penalties heavy, software can be used to help meet the necessary requirements. Celayix, which has been in business for almost twenty years, has a system that can support any level of complexity for scheduling, and collecting and reconciling time. One key requirement of the predictive scheduling legislation is the goal of providing schedules multiple weeks in advance (ex. 14 days). This particular problem can easily be managed using our scheduling software by providing employees with their schedule in advance. By using an automated approach, delays in letting employees know of their shifts is eliminated as well as decreasing the chance of errors which are inherent in a manual process. The system is designed in such a way as to eliminate over 90% of the time that is currently being spent scheduling.

Some of the key features that can help you comply with predictive scheduling laws include:

  • Create and distribute a schedule in advance. Although many of the laws prescribe providing a schedule 14-days in advance, Celayix can be used to provide a schedule as far in advance as needed.
  • Schedule changes and communication amongst employees and supervisors can be done using an app that is available on any smartphone. If the schedule changes, the employee is notified immediately and can be asked to confirm the changes so that the supervisor knows that the change has been viewed.
  • Employees can also be given the ability to enter in their availability in the employee app so that it can be considered when filling in shifts, eliminating the need to manage a manual process or using phone calls to collect it.
  • Accurately capturing the time that people work so as to reduce the amount of payroll changes that need to be made

Celayix Software can even add an extra layer of automation by letting your employees pick their own shifts, empowering them to manage their own schedules. This eliminates the need to consider availability, time-off and other requests as your employees will do this work before they pick their shifts.

The goal with predictive scheduling is to provide employees with advance notice of their schedules, thereby allowing them to manage their personal lives. Celayix can help you attain this goal.