November 13th, 2014

The ability to export time and attendance data to your payroll provider, or payroll integration, is essential to a timely payroll cycle. Without payroll integration, your HR and payroll staff will be left rekeying worked hours manually, increasing the chances of errors and consuming administrative hours.

Excel based “CSV” files are the most common export file type. Many time and attendance providers, like Celayix, also provide web service API’s for automatic transfer of payroll information. Large payroll programs will often offer their own time and attendance programs, eliminating the need to worry about what information to export. However, best-of-breed scheduling and time and attendance programs will likely have more comprehensive features that payroll providers do not. If you choose to use a best-of-breed provider, it is important to know what information will be needed in the export file from your time and attendance system, and what the payroll program can accept.


For every employee, you should be able to export segregated hours not for just basic time worked, but for overtime, statutory pay time, vacation time, sick time, as well as information for budgeting purposes, such as the department the hours were worked in.

Rates of Pay

Often overlooked in time and attendance programs, is the ability to track rates of pay into payroll programs. If your business pays employees different rates of pay for different jobs, sites, shifts, or customers, it will be essential to track this information for payroll integration.

Employee Information

One of the most important pieces of information for payroll integration is an employee ID number. Rather than matching on name only, payroll programs will use some kind of employee ID to assign pay. Your accounting department may also need to keep track of other employee information, such as whether or not an employee is full or part-time, or if they are no longer an active employee.

Celayix integrates with most popular payroll software. If you want to streamline your scheduling-to-payroll process, you can book a demo with us to learn about payroll integration.

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