Celayix’s employee scheduling and time and attendance software is designed to fit multiple verticals.

Automate your scheduling process by filtering for shift requirements, availability, compliance, and more

Customize business rules to create auto filled schedules that account for staff availability, seniority, qualifications, union agreements, budget constraints, and more

Eliminate avoidable overtime

Streamline communications, collect availability, and confirm shifts through the phone, web, and mobile

Analyze business efficiencies through in depth reporting capabilities

Regardless of industry, part-time or full-time workforce, Celayix is proven to solve common as well as unique problems related to employee scheduling, communication, and time & attendance.

Following a thorough evaluation of your current workforce management processes, our team will understand your problems and find a solution that works for you. Learn more about how employee scheduling software can help improve your organization.

Employee Scheduling Software

Display only the information you need in helping you make decisions by filtering the schedule. Save filters so that they can quickly be recalled when needed.