Easily schedule full-time, part-time, and casual staff to multiple departments, locations, and events

Make changes and adjustments to schedules quickly and efficiently

Collect and communicate shift details and shift confirmations through web, mobile, or phone

Collect staff availability, time-off requests, and more through employee portals

Allow on-call staff to self-schedule into qualified shifts

Use mobile check-in and geo-fencing to guarantee staff are on premise

Provide in depth staff records for union and other compliance regulation

Use pre-defined payroll, billing, and HR templates to feed information back and forth ensuring accuracy

The Celayix solution for hospitality is trusted by some of the world’s largest hospitality organizations. From hotels, casinos, banquet venues, food and beverage departments, to catering, housekeeping and more, Celayix offers a solution to the complexity of full-time, part-time, casual, and on-call labor scheduling and time collection in the hospitality space.

Celayix Software understands the complexities faced by the hospitality industry. We provide staff scheduling and time and attendance solutions that help companies manage fluctuating demand and the variety of job positions available in the hospitality industry. Celayix is trusted by some of the world’s largest companies: including hotels, casinos, banquet venues, catering firm’s large and small, housekeeping, and more by being able to handle the specific restrictions that may apply within the various departments. This includes local and federal laws, and union rules that specify how employees are scheduled, restrictions on work hours, and overtime. Celayix is a fully configurable solution that can reduce the time spent on scheduling by up to 95% compared to manual methods, as well as reducing errors made in collection and reconciling time worked.

Hospitality Scheduling Software

Display only the information you need in helping you make decisions by filtering the schedule. Save filters so that they can quickly be recalled when needed.