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The smart employee scheduling software that

makes team management easy

We know employee scheduling.

Create and edit schedules with our powerful employee scheduling tool. Celayix is the very best employee scheduling software available today.
We know employee scheduling.


Create and edit schedules in minutes with our powerful employee scheduling software. Eliminate overtime and improve communication between supervisors and employees. Celayix is the very best employee scheduling software available today.

Save Time and Simplify Your Scheduling Process

AI and Machine Learning

Celayix uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) to bring your employee scheduling to the next level.

Our state-of-the-art machine learning can look at past schedules and provide recommendations for your new schedules.

Scheduling Rules Engine

Celayix Scheduler can use any of your specific business rules when creating your schedules. Some business rules supported are:

Overtime rules: based on the number of days and/or hours worked.

Union rules: to ensure only qualified employees are scheduled.

Qualification rules: to ensure only qualified employees are scheduled.

Prevention of double-booking on shifts.

control staffing levels

Find Replacement

Our Find Replacement tool uses Artificial to make handling shift drops, no-shows, sick calls, and other emergencies easy. You get a list of available and qualified replacements for these shifts. Either reassign the shift immediately or send a request to your preferred choice via Celayix Mobile.

control staffing levels

Shift Templates

Easily create shift templates that can be reused, duplicated, and modified to avoid repetitive effort on your behalf. Celayix Shift Templates mean anyone on your team can create and manage schedules with no special scheduling experience required!

Bulk Update and Assign

Use Bulk Update and Assign to select multiple shifts and assign them to your employees instantly. You can also use Bulk Update to edit your existing shift templates with new employees as needed.

Empower Your Team To Manage Their Schedules

On The Go Scheduling With Our App

The Celayix Mobile App is designed for employees to manage their schedules and communicate with management. It also serves as a mobile time clock for check-in and check-out of remote staff.

Employees can see any open shifts for self-scheduling or shift-bidding, receive reminders for upcoming shifts, input time off requests, review all previously worked shifts, track hours worked including overtime, statutory time, and holiday and protection of employee privacy – it does not track employees without permission.


The Celayix Autofill feature automates the shift assignment process. You can use autofill to fill all your shifts within a schedule automatically. This set-and-forget strategy saves the scheduler a significant amount of time as they don’t need to fill each shift themselves.
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The Celayix Self-Scheduling feature provides employees with greater flexibility and autonomy over their schedules. This is proven to lead to improved employee morale and retention. Employees can select and self-schedule themselves for the shifts they want to work.

shift bidding

Shift Bidding

Let your employees choose for you! Shift bidding allows schedulers to create a schedule and staff can indicate their interest in working the shifts. Employees can bid on shifts via the Celayix Mobile app.

shift work trends

Rotation Scheduling

Shift Rotation allows employees to be added into a set sequence. The great thing about shift rotation is that it requires little scheduler intervention. Employees are automatically assigned to the same shifts to ensure a fair schedule.

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