How to Manage the Unmanageable Last Minute Changes

One of the biggest scheduling complications in any industry revolves around how to manage scheduling changes. This can be anything from a client calling in to cancel an event, order, or service, to a change in the anticipated labor need (more or less) for a particular day, or even a change in start time or end. The result of these changes usually result in a manager having to call many employees, going back and forth to hopefully find something that works. Meanwhile, the whole process has created a good amount of stress for clients, managers, and employees. These problems, however, can be greatly minimized through the use of automated employee scheduling and communication software. Read below a few scenarios that can be easily managed through an automated workforce management system.

Scenario One – Too Many Employees:

Hotel A has an event next week. The client hosting the event, however, has realized the RSVP’s for the event are 100 less than anticipated, meaning the number of servers, bar tenders, and hostesses scheduled are greater than needed. As a manager, how do you notify your staff that they are no longer needed without chasing them, leaving phone calls, sending texts, or corresponding through email? With Celayix, the answer is easy. Through the click of a button, use the shift change notification tool alert staff that their shifts have been cancelled. Then, have staff acknowledge within the app or web log-in that they have seen the change and acknowledge the cancellation of the shift. Managers are notified when staff members acknowledge the change as well as when they do not. Log all this communication automatically for accurate record keeping. The results are employees are notified as soon as possible and managers can rest assured knowing they will not have extra staff show up on the day of the shift making the event more profitable.

Scenario Two – Too Few Staff:

Hotel A is hosting another event this week. This time, however, the client realizes they have underestimated the number of guests and have to add an extra 25 guests last minute. From a staffing perspective this instantly becomes a mess to find additional staff last minute to fulfill the new demand. However, there is an easy fix. Using Celayix’s employee communication tools, managers have access to employee availability 24/7, 365. In the case of Scenario two, the manager needs to schedule one more bartender, two more servers, and three more security guards. Using the employee availability module, they can find the best suited and available staff member to fill the open shift.  The newly scheduled employees will then be notified of the new shifts and required to acknowledge that they have seen it. Within a few clicks a potential headache is prevented.

Scenario Three – Sudden Time Change:

The security guard company that works for Hotel A realizes that with the increased number of guests, they are going to have to start the shift an hour earlier. Instead of calling each scheduled guard, using Celayix, supervisors or managers can send out a notification of the shift change and have the guards acknowledge the adjustment. This process, which takes only a few minutes, saves the security company from being understaffed early in the event and in turn, keeps the client happy.

Although unscheduled changes will never be something we hope for, they are a part of life. Fortunately, there are tool that can help minimize the impact of such changes and change a bad thing into a good thing.

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