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Private Security Company



The company’s existing scheduling software solution came with a premium cost but was being provided with subpar customer service.


The security company swapped poor service and an expensive price tag for a lower cost solution with highly responsive and comprehensive support.

Benefits Summary

High Level Security Services

As a large security company with central offices in Virginia and many high level government contracts, the company prides itself on providing a great work environment for its 1000 employees.

The company also delivers outstanding service to its clients through exceptionally trained employees and an internationally recognized quality management system. In turn, the company also expected a high level of service from its vendors.

Our service representative at Celayix is always very attentive and helpful whenever I have questions. It’s a great change.

Operations Manager
Low Service, High Price

Unfortunately, the security company’s existing employee scheduling software vendor could not deliver the type of service that it needed.

“I just didn’t feel a level of appreciation there,” said the company’s Operations Manager. “No one would get back to us, and support questions were painfully hard to get answered”.

Not only were they unhappy with the level of service they were receiving, but they were also paying too much for it. Management began to look for an alternative solution.

The solution needed to be able to do everything that their old system did, and in order to make switching systems feasible for the company, it needed to account for:

  • Guard skill requirements,
  • Avoidable overtime,
  • Employee availability,
  • Automated time collection through an Interactive Voice Response system

In addition, the solution had to be familiar with the security industry, and be more affordable than their previous vendor.

Improved Experience and Lower Overhead

The company’s selection process chose Celayix’s eTime Xpress and Voice Xpress because Celayix met all of their basic requirements, but also added a number of unique features that they have come to appreciate. A few of these features include:

  • Ease of use
  • Ability to cut and paste templates
  • The Celayix Visual Scheduler

A component of eTime Xpress, Celayix’s Visual Scheduler allows administrative users to view the schedule in countless different layouts; accommodating the differing needs of various system users.

In addition to the new features that their previous vendor did not possess, they also reduced their overhead costs as Celayix was a more affordable alternative.

However, what has proved to be the most important characteristic of switching vendors for the company has been the improvement in customer service. Those who use the system can get help and product updates in a timely manner, improving efficiency for their operations.

The company’s Operations Manager highlighted his experience with Celayix by stating,

“Our service representative at Celayix is always very attentive and helpful whenever I have questions. It’s a great change.”

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