Employee Scheduling Software

There are many challenges involved in running a security business. Perhaps the biggest concern of all is keeping your guards safe. Guard safety should be a very high priority for your business – your employees count on you to provide a safe work environment. Also, if your guards get hurt on the job, your business’ reputation is on the line and you can be exposed to lawsuits. The risk to your guards is amplified if they are working alone in the field, at night, guarding high crime areas, etc.

Thankfully, you can use a scheduling software to mitigate these concerns. Scheduling software does more than just create schedules for your guards, it can help improve safety and communication. Through Celayix’s Team Xpress app, you can track your guards’ location and activities. Through GPS tracking, you can implement periodic check points at specific geographic locations to ensure your guars are where they are supposed to be. You can have guards clock into shifts using the Team Xpress app to ensure they make it to the site safe and sound. This will ensure they are active and safe, without having to interrupt their normal processes.

To learn more about how employee scheduling software can help keep your guards safe, reach out to the Celayix team and we’ll be happy to help you!