Scheduling Software

In this day and age, the demands from customers is ever changing, therefore you want a software suite that can adapt to your business needs quickly and easily. We believe that our range of products can work effectively across any type of industry and complete complicated manual tasks easily and efficiently, saving your business time and money. Review our ROI calculator to see potential savings.

Below are just some of the key areas that highlight the flexibility of our Employee Scheduling Software.

Celayix Visual Scheduler

Tools such as Visual Scheduler and our new product which will be arriving this quarter, Time Xpress, provide schedulers greater flexibility when scheduling.

As the name suggests, Visual Scheduler is great visually which has benefits in itself – see Visual Patterns in the Employee Scheduling Process. This tool caters to a large range of scheduling, such as scheduling by autofill rotation. The system will schedule all shifts where an employee has not been assigned based on scheduling rules and seniority. If you have a similar schedule each day, week or month, we can save this as a template, which can be rolled out, saving you massive amounts of time. The scheduler can create shifts that allow their staff to log into the employee portal and select shifts they are eligible for. Building schedules is also made easier with the use of our Shift Toolbox, which allows numerous shifts to be created, updated or deleted with just a few of clicks.

In a perfect world, once the schedule is made then no changes would occur. But we know that this is rarely the case, which is where Time Xpress comes into its own. Time Xpress can be accessed on a PC but is designed for a Tablet and therefore can be used on the move. This means the scheduler is no longer tied to their desk; they can move about and if they get a call, they can go into Time Xpress and find a replacement, create a new shift, delete a shift or remove a check in/out entered in error. They are also alerted if a check in is late or missed by looking at the map view in the application, meaning they can be proactive rather than reactive. If you would like more information on this exciting product, please get in touch with our sales team.

Business/Scheduling Rules

Clients often have certain rules that are applied when scheduling, and we have found that quite often these rules are only known to a few employees within their organization. This can obviously cause massive issues if one of those people leaves the company or if that persons is off on long term sick.

In our Scheduling Software, we can apply a whole host of rules. We can apply rules that ensure employees have the correct skills and qualifications. We can use rules to restrict employees from working certain locations, and we can also apply overtime rules to alert the scheduler when an employee will go into overtime.

These are just a few of the types of rules that can be implemented. If you are interested in finding out more, please read this or get in touch with our sales team.

Time Recording

A client may require several solutions for their employees to record their time, and luckily we have a number of options that can be used. An employee can check in/out using our application, Team Xpress. Our clients can also record timesheets using this application! Team Xpress is great, but it needs to be connected to the web, and this cannot always be achieved for remote locations.

In this instance, we have Voice Xpress where the employee can dial in and check in/out of their shifts. We also support a number of different clock in devices and the data can be automatically imported into our system. These options can be used independently, or as a combination depending on what your business needs are.

Security & Geo-Fencing

Another area that we excel in is giving our clients the ability to set different security to groups of employees.  For example, you may have a set of employees who can pick up their shifts through self-scheduling, and another group that is scheduled directly into their shifts. With our software, it is easy to disable functionality for one group, but enable it for another.

Our products can provide the Scheduler and Managers the assurance that their staff is actually at the location when they check in. When Geofencing is turned on, it allows a range to be setup which the employee needs to be within before they can check in. If they are outside this range, they cannot check-in.

Employee Communication

To keep a good relationship between employer and employee, it is essential that there is a good communication channel and we support this in several ways. There is a chat feature in our employee app, Team Xpress, which allows employees to send messages to their supervisor and fellow employees. We also provide a great new feature where employees can be notified by SMS, Email or by looking in the app of any changes to their shifts.


This may seem like an insignificant detail, however in our experience, applying the correct context can have a big impact in users learning how to use the software. We use generic terms like Employees and Customers, however these can be easily change for example to Guards, Contractors, Nurses, Servers, etc.

The above has only scratched the surface for our Employee Scheduling Software, and these features can be switched on or off depending on your scheduling needs. For a more in-depth demonstration please contact our sales team.

It’s time to get your shift together!