Integrations Power Business

Connections and networking are keys to the business world. Why not do the same for software? According to PC Mag, software integration is defined as “the combining of subroutines, software modules or full programs with other software components in order to develop an application or enhance the functionality of an existing one.” At Celayix, we connect our platform with other software providers to bring a seamless flow of information between the most commonly used business applications in the world and our own software.

Celayix Integration Manager

The Celayix Integration Manager is a suite of tools that allow the platform to exchange data from third-party systems. This can include but is not limited to, payroll systems, financial and accounting systems, human resources systems, time and attendance systems, learning management system, tips and gratuities systems, and guard tour systems. In addition to easy access to our import and export tools, information can be easily transferred to and from the third-party software for an easy transfer between the two systems. We ensure our best-of-breed system allows you to consolidate your data to ensure a single source for handling information.

Payroll Systems

With Celayix, there are many payrolls that we integrate with. Some of these systems include, ADP, Paychex, QuickBooks Desktop, Sage 100 and 300, Easypay and many others. One reason why this is such a powerful integration is because it can send a summary of detailed information need to process payroll. Some of this detailed information can be variables such as regular hours, overtime hours, holidays, time off hours and more. When used in conjunction with Celayix AI, the AI can recommend optimal shifts based on pay rate and overtime, reducing potentially extra costs to the business.

Financial and Accounting Systems

Celayix can also integrate with many financial and accounting software. Some of our integrations include Sage 100 and 300, Microsoft Dynamics, Oracle Financials, and QuickBooks Desktop. Some benefits to integration are the removal of manual entry of data. As soon as the shift ends, the data is sent from the Celayix platform and right into your accounting software, seamlessly and effortlessly. When all the information is in the accounting software, you can easily open up a chart of accounts to ensure your payroll is being put in the right accounts.

Human Resources Systems

Celayix can also integration into HR Software. We support many HR functions such as saving contact and profile information, employment and performance history, skills, certifications and many others. With a singular bank of information, double entries can be avoided and information can be spread quickly and easily. Without an integrated house resources system, if a staff member wanted to change a part of a client’s information, they would have to change the information on every database the client is in. Having an integrated human resources system not only frees up time, but also effort and money.

Time and Attendance Systems

Celayix already has some time and attendance modules integrated into the platform. One example of the modules inside Celayix working in tandem is when the employee checks in or out via their mobile device. The app will verify their location by the geofence built around the job site. If mobile devices are not available, we have many other varieties customers can choose from, including web clocks, IVR-based phone check-in, and hardware clocks with their a biometric or a PIN sign in key. Additionaly, Celayix monitors attendance with real-time alerts for missed check-ins, early check-outs, and no shows. You can even run variance analysis between scheduled versus actual hours for accurate tracking and reporting.

Learning Management Systems

Learning can be a continual process as an employee. Consequently, Celayix integrates with your learning management system for the tracking of skills, certifications or any other qualifications. This can be particularly useful for jobs that require a certain set of skills or qualifications. For example, a job site might require its security guards to complete a gun certification. Our system will check your learning management system to see if your security guard has completed the certification. If they have, the security guard will be scheduled and if not, the guard cannot be scheduled to that site.

Event Management Systems

For any catering, banquet or venue event, Celayix can utilise the tracking of Banquet Event Order information. Your business can manage the tracking of orders, costs and menus through any event management or booking system. We use the Banquet Event Order number to send the labor costs to the Event Management System to consolidate data for an extensive labor and food cost analysis.

Tips and Gratuities Management Systems

Celayix has partnered with Evention, one of the industry leading companies for complex cash and gratuity operations software. With Evention’s robust control and comprehensive reporting capabilities, they guarantee financial transparency and security. Evention integrates cash machine operations with POS data, and offers customized reports, workflows and exports for cash content tracking.

Guard Tour Systems

Celayix has collaborated with Guard Center to bring the most comprehensive guard touring integration in the security service market today. With a cloud-based platform designed for security software, Guard Center helps security companies elevate their business. With Guard Center, you can set as many guard tours as necessary for each site. You can also set minimum required tour compliance and notifications for non-compliance. You can also ensure guards complete all the tours assigned and visit every assigned area.

Custom Software Integration

If you have a custom software or a service that we do not currently have, Celayix provides an application programming interface (API). This API integrates with any third-party system in the world. Whether you have a custom payroll system or a human resource system, Celayix’s API can make it work in conjunction with the Celayix platform. Having an API allows Celayix to help you keep your data centralized for easier business reporting and integrate employee data with any of the other systems your company may use.