Easily schedule full-time, part-time, and casual staff to multiple departments and locations

Quickly and efficiently make changes to schedules

Real time employee tracking to ensure all job sites are covered

Communicate shift details and confirmations through the web, mobile app or phone

Collect staff availability, time-off requests, and more through employee portals

Analyze profitability by client, staff member, etc. and transfer payroll, billing, and client costing data to payroll and financial software of your choice

Maximize admin staff efficiency by reducing the effort related to payroll, billing, and other HR related tasks

Celayix Software works with many business service companies and non-profits and understands the unique challenges faced by each. Some examples of service organizations that use our software include:

  • cleaning services
  • libraries
  • staffing agencies
  • municipal transit systems
  • parking managers
  • churches
  • television studios

Celayix can manage all types of employees including part-time, casual, on-call and volunteers, helping them manage their schedules, quickly see where they are supposed to be, and understand their responsibilities. In addition, Celayix provides tools to companies to ensure that employees and volunteers are at the right location and time and if not, tools to help find out why and send a replacement if needed.

Celayix is a fully configurable solution that can reduce the time spent on scheduling by up to 95% compared to manual methods as well as reducing errors made in the collection and reconciliation of time worked.

Staff Scheduling Software

Display only the information you need in helping you make decisions by filtering the schedule. Save filters so that they can quickly be recalled when needed.