Celayix’s employee scheduling and time and attendance software is designed to fit multiple verticals.

Automate your scheduling process by filtering for shift requirements, availability, compliance, and more

Customize business rules to create auto filled schedules that account for staff availability, seniority, qualifications, union agreements, budget constraints, and more

Eliminate avoidable overtime

Streamline communications, collect availability, and confirm shifts through the phone, web, and mobile

Analyze business efficiencies through in depth reporting capabilities

Regardless of industry, part-time or full-time workforce, Celayix is proven to solve common as well as unique problems related to employee scheduling, communication, and time & attendance.

Following a thorough evaluation of your current workforce management processes, our team will understand your problems and find a solution that works for you. Learn more about how employee scheduling software can help improve your organization.

Employee Scheduling Software

Display only the information you need in helping you make decisions by filtering the schedule. Save filters so that they can quickly be recalled when needed.


As an example, let's take sanitation. There are numerous industries out there where cleanliness and proper sanitation are critical. Healthcare, food production, high tech, etc. – all these industries need to adhere to the highest standard of sanitation, or face major consequences. Desiring a clean work place isn’t limited to these industries, everyone wants to work in a place that won’t make them sick. If sanitation is important to you and you have employees punching in through cards, keypads, or fingerprint scanners, you are increasing the chances of contaminating your workplace.

Let’s use the scenario of a busy food production facility. There are 200+ employees that work shifts and they all sign in and out through 5 fingerprint scanners scattered throughout the production facility. That’s 50 people touching the exact same surface at least twice a day. Even if one person does not adhere to sanitation standards, or is sick, it can contaminate the workplace or the food being produced. This can have catastrophic effects on the business. Possible lawsuits, government crack downs, fines, etc.

Thankfully, employee scheduling and time/attendance has evolved to bypass this issue. You can install facial recognition terminals that let your employees sign in and out without touching anything. An employee simply walks up to the terminal and looks at a camera which recognizes the unique facial characteristics of the person’s face and signs them in or out of their shift. The hardware even integrates with employee scheduling software, which helps you streamline your scheduling process.