Improve Your Security Business

At Celayix, not only do we care about our customers’ satisfaction, we also care about our customers’ customers. By utilizing advanced software scheduling, time & attendance, and employee communication, you can provide better service to your customers.

Let’s go through an example that we often see. Let’s say it is summer time and you run a small, but busy security company. This week, you have 4 events that you need to provide security for; a wedding, a gala, a grand opening, and a concert. That’s a lot of prep work.

Generally speaking, security guards are casual/part time employees. You have a pool of 150 guards you can choose from to guard your events. Here’s where things get difficult. How do you easily and efficiently figure out who’s available to work those shifts?

Calling or email everyone individually would be a nightmare. Simply posting shifts on a cork board in your office is impractical. You need a solution that will quickly and effectively gather employee availability. Now that you’ve figured out when your employees are available, how will they know they’ve been scheduled? Once again, the old school methods (call, email, cork board, etc.) are not ideal. You need a solution that will easily inform your employees of their upcoming shifts.

It is the night of the events; you have four important clients to serve and you can’t afford a single mishap. There are four locations, but there is only one of you. How will you know that your employees showed up on time (if they showed up at all), and stayed for their whole shift?

How will you know that your employees are safe throughout their shift? You need a solution that will provide you with your employees’ exact whereabouts and their activity. This is crucial because if one of your employees no-shows a security job and something unfortunate happens at the event, you can be held responsible.

At Celayix, we strive to provide the security industry with all the tools they need, which in turn helps them provide better service to their customers. We have dozens of documented cases and testimonials from satisfied security clients. To learn more about us, reach out today!