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Eliminate time theft with Celayix Geofencing for check-in, check-out, safety checks and meal breaks. Pay only for time worked, period.

Eliminate no shows and stay alert to all sites with a live map view and real time text alerts. Keep clients happy and grow your reputation to get more business.

Grow Profits

Save $778 per Guard

Schedule based on profitability to grow your bottom line with the same resources. Eliminate overtime, cut costs, and get more money in your pocket.

Stop Buddy Punching

Make More Money Now

Guarantee Shift Attendance

Be the Best

Schedule your guards in minutes and ensure sites are always covered. Provide reports to customers with accurate billing data. Don't just keep your customers, get more. 

Beat Your Competition

Grow Your Business, Cut Your Costs.

The Celayix platform is built for the security market.

We work with companies just like yours to grow their business and beat the competition. Be the best with the best guard scheduling and guard management on the market. No matter your size, our custom configured platform is a perfect fit for your business.

What Makes Celayix Different?

From live map view, site verification, meal break monitoring, and more, use Celayix to stay on top, saving 95% of manual effort and $778 per guard a year.


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Join the 100,000+ users of the Celayix platform growing their business. Don’t settle for anything but the best. To be the best, use the best guard scheduling and guard management on the market.

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“Fifty percent of two individuals’ time has totally changed by implementing Celayix. Now they can spend time recruiting and growing the business. It saves us manpower and accuracy.”

Lorette Farris VP Business Development, Commando PDS