Genesis Security is a security services company in Vancouver, BC. They offer a range of services such as guard services and event security. The company has become one of the top security companies in the region, made possible by a highly-trained and dedicated workforce. In the past 7 years, the company has added 900 employees reaching a total employee count of 1400 people in 2015.

With their rate of growth and number of employees, the company needed a workforce management system that would help them schedule guards faster as well as track time and attendance easily. They also wanted a system that offered convenience and ease of use – something they could implement effortlessly. This is when Celayix came into the picture. Our scheduling and time and attendance software was an ideal fit for Genesis Security’s needs.

One of the biggest challenges the company wanted to overcome was scheduling a large number of guards with the least amount of effort. Once Celayix was implemented, scheduling wasn’t seen as a task. Automating scheduling allowed the company to schedule hundreds of guards in an efficient manner. It also eliminated the errors that came from manually scheduling employees.

As the Operations Manager pointed out, “I can make a schedule in 2 minutes whereas beforehand we were looking at a half an hour task for one schedule.” This saved the company plenty of time and effort. Apart from scheduling, our software was also able to integrate with the company’s existing payroll and business platforms which allowed operations and HR to run smoothly.

Now, the company did not have to worry about how they would transfer their employee time and attendance information to their payroll. A bonus for the company was being able to store valuable information for the guards such as dress code and shift details.

This created a higher level of efficiency because it eliminated the need for guards to call in for information. It also established better communication between the company and the employees. All of these benefits supported Genesis Security’s growth from 500 to 1400 employees with ease.

We are proud to be a part of Genesis Security’s success and provide them with workforce management solutions since 2008.