Our New Change Notification Module

Employee Scheduling Software

In this day and age, where information is at our finger tips, there is now an expectation that all software should live up to this. Our client base at Celayix expects no different. Our clients demand that when changes were made to an employee’s schedule that this should be communicated quickly and effectively. Because of this demand, we released the Change Notification Module last month and incorporated it in our employee scheduling software. This module provides our clients with huge benefits both from the employers and the employee’s perspective.

When a change has been made to an employee’s schedule (whether a shift being added, removed or a change to the shift details such as the start time), the employer has several requirements. They want to inform the employee about the changes with the least amount of effort, be able to confirm that the employee is aware of the changes and accept/decline the changes. We have heard many stories from our clients that when they make unexpected changes to the schedules, they have to spend a significant amount of time calling the employees to let them know, and quite often, they have to leave a message on the phone which employees have sometimes challenged and said they never received – which the employer finds hard to challenge.

The issues above have now been completely resolved with the new Change Acknowledgment feature in our employee scheduling software. Now, any changes made to an employee’s schedule will be displayed instantly in the employee portal and an email notification and/or SMS message can be sent to the employee to inform them as well. The system also requires the employee to acknowledge these changes and the Employer can run a report to see which employees have not acknowledged the changes, allowing them to follow this up with those employees. This saves the employer a considerable amount of time and provides them evidence that an employee has seen the changes if challenged.

From an employee perspective, they want to know about any changes so they can plan accordingly and any delay in this can cause a strain between the employer and employee. A lot of our clients have employees who work several jobs, so they want to know instantly when there are changes so they can take shifts elsewhere. Our scheduling solution also allows the employee a quick and easy way to say that they cannot work the amended shift by selecting the ‘Cannot Work” button which is communicated back to the Employer.

We believe that this new feature empowers both the employer and employee; it streamlines communication and makes the whole process a lot more transparent, which reduces the risk of disputes and helps improve the relationship between the employer and employee.

If you would like to see this functionality, please contact us!