Voice Xpress

Author: Gillian Leung

The new Voice Xpress is a lighter, more streamlined version of our previous version. It consists of major functionalities most commonly used by our clients, including the eClock actions, unscheduled shift creation, and listen to schedule, which have a few subtle operational differences. Even though the new system no longer supports time off requests and password changes, those actions can be performed using our other applications, like Team Xpress, while maintaining a more streamlined, agile Voice Xpress experience.

In the old Voice Xpress, all shifts that fall within +/-12 hours of the current time are presented to the employees to perform eClock actions on. However, the new Voice Xpress selects the current shift for the employee and therefore saving the user’s time from listening to the irrelevant shifts and greatly reducing user error rates. With the right permissions, the new system allows employees to perform check-in/out, break start/end, and safety check actions.

In the new system, once the employees check in to a shift, they will need to check out from the shift within the allowed time frame before checking in to the following shift.  If the check-out time has expired, then the employees have to contact their administrator to check-out from the previous shift. Both old and new Voice Xpress allows employees to create unscheduled shift and listen to their schedule.

Unlike the old Voice Xpress, the new Voice Xpress uses the current time for unscheduled shift check-in/out; removing the potential errors that result from users entering time on their own.  The new system has two options when listening to schedule – the next upcoming shift that happens within the next 6 weeks or select a date. The old Voice Xpress did not have the option to listen to the next upcoming shift; only allowing the user to enter a date range which was a common point for errors.

During the transition from old to new Voice Xpress, the Clock-In/From Log report generated from eTime Xpress will have an asterisk (*) at the end of the calling-in phone number (Clock ID column) from calls coming through New Voice Xpress, making it more convenient for our customers to keep track where each call is coming from. Once all clients have migrated over to the new Voice Xpress, we will remove the asterisk from the report.

At Celayix, we feel that the new Voice Xpress will make it more convenient, accurate, and reduce the overall process time for our users.  To learn more, contact us today!