Celayix Release January 2019: Shift Bidding, Labor Forecasting and More

On Wednesday, January 9th, 2019 the Celayix Team will be releasing a new version of the Celayix Platform with new and exciting advances to your employee scheduling, time & attendance, and communication needs. Check out the information below for an overview of this latest release from Celayix!

Shift Bidding

Introducing Celayix Shift Bidding. Shift bidding allows managers to find the best fit and available candidate for shifts. Employees will receive a notification of available shifts released for shift bidding. They will only be able to see shifts they qualify for, accounting for business rules such as overtime, qualifications, and more. From there, employees are able to bid on shifts they would like to work. At the end of the shift bidding period, managers can view all bids and either select the employee to fit the shift or allow the system to autofill that shift based on a set of qualifications, including lowest cost, lowest hours, and more. Shift Bidding allows employees to find best fit matches to theirs shifts without any additional effort, ensuring shifts are filled and employees are happy. Shift bidding is available in Schedule Xpress and Team Xpress and can be used alongside any other methods of scheduling, including Autofill and Self-Scheduling.

Labor Forecasting

One of the biggest time consuming tasks in creating a schedule is figuring out how many staff are needed for a particular event, day, or customer. We have the solution. Celayix Labor Forecasting helps you create a schedule with the perfect number of shifts to optimize your workforce, all while giving your customers the best experience possible. Through the creation of ratios for different roles, Labor Forecasting creates the schedule for you in a matter of seconds. Follow it up with Celayix Autofill and the schedule, shifts, and distribution can be done in a fraction of time. This leaves you time to focus on the important parts of our business and grow your company without sacrificing existing operations.

Event Import – Already have event data ready to go or using an event booking system? No problem, import from CSV file from a third party source and fill those shifts in quickly and efficiently.

The Autofill Function

Celayix Autofill has been helping thousands of users a day fill schedules with applicable and best fit employees for over a decade. To keep at the top of the market, we have made some new options in Schedule Xpress for managers to use autofill, including Autofill by Sequence and Autofill by Priority.

Autofill by Sequence – Use Autofill to fill shifts based on a strict sequence order. Employees will be filled into shifts fairly by sequence, meeting the needs of union rules, business operation rules, and any other sequence needs. Forget the days of remembering who is next or using an excel sheet. Save time and keep employees happy.

Autofill by Priority – Fill shifts in a matter of seconds on a variety of priority rules, including overtime, pay rates, qualifications, client experience and more. Find the best fit and near best matches to all shifts, giving you the ultimate flexibility and times savings all in one. Fill 100+ shifts in a moment’s time.

Schedule Templates

Templates are critical in the world of employee scheduling. They save you time, effort, and the occasional headache associated with remembering how many shifts, at what locations, and for how long. Celayix users have been using templates for many years. To make it easier to share templates, this release allows shared templates for Schedule Xpress users. Now share templates for particular events, clients, and more to other manager staff to further streamline the process.

Repeat Shifts

Repeat shifts based on a set schedule in three different ways allowing schedules to be created far into the future with ease. There are three different ways to use repeat shifts:

  1. Repeat shifts on same day – for example, same shift every Monday and Tuesday each week
  2. Repeat every nth day
  3. Repeat on selected days of the week

Repeat shifts work similar to a calendar meeting in creating the sequence you know your business will need. This helps create unique schedules in a quick and efficient manner!

Team Xpress Accruals

Visibility is one of the priorities for employees when it comes to knowing their schedule and their hours worked and earned. Team Xpress users will now be able to see their accrued hours by type when enabled by managers.

Clickable Link Sharing in Team Xpress

Now share links to important information with employees directly within the shift in the “notes” field to eliminate the need for extra emails, phone calls, and other touch points.

Team Xpress Notification Portal

For Shift Bidding, employees and managers will now see notifications in the new notification portal in Team Xpress and Schedule Xpress. Users will see messages categorized into four different categories: All, Alert (critical items), Requests, and Results. Managers can also select “quiet hours” where in-app notifications will automatically be muted. Currently only available for users of Celayix Shift Bidding but additional functionality for features such as time-off requests, self-scheduling, and more to come in the subsequent releases!

For full details or more information on this release, please contact your Celayix Representative or our Support Team at support@celayix.com or refer to the release email notification sent out earlier this week!

All current Celayix hosted users will see these changes reflected in their accounts by Thursday, January 10th, 2019. We recommend updating the apps and logging in and signing out of web version of any services.

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Have feedback? We get a lot of our ideas for future development directly from our awesome clients. If you or members of your team have suggestions please contact our support team at support@celayix.com. Team Xpress users can reach our team at teamfeedback@celayix.com.

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