Celayix Releases Software Update 8.0.5

In our continued goal to deliver value to our customers, Celayix Software is proud to announce the release of software update 8.0.5 now available to all current customers.

The focus of this release is on:

  • Time Xpress enhancements, in particular, improving the user experience on a mobile device
  • Improved performance of reports
  • Preparing for the beta release of our new scheduling platform, Schedule Xpress

For more details on the upgrade to our employee scheduling modules and time and attendance functions within the Celayix Platform, take a look below!

Time Xpress

Time Xpress is the Celayix supervisor app that was released earlier this year. The application, available on both mobile devices as well as desktop, allows supervisors to manage their in-the-field employees by allowing them to manage on the go. From Time Xpress, managers can identify which sites have problems (ex. late employees), quickly find last minute replacements and add-ins, perform clock-in and out functions and much more. The enhancements made in this release resolve some of the initial feedback we have collected from early adopters of the application making these functions more mobile friendly

Report Generating

One of the main tasks that administrators do within our software is to generate reports. Our customers found that when there was a significant amount of data being generated for a report, the performance was not ideal. After reviewing the programming of our report generator, we were able to identify some improvements . These improvements resulted in those same big data reports being generated in a fraction of the time.

Introducing Beta Schedule Xpress

The key focus for us over the past few months has been on delivering a new scheduling platform called Schedule Xpress. Our goal this specific quarter was to deliver a beta to our customers, allowing us to collect some initial feedback before making it widely available.

With the December release we have now accomplished this goal and a beta of Schedule Xpress is ready to go! Existing customers who are interested in testing out the new scheduling platform can sign-up for the beta by contacting us at support@celayix.com or through phone at 1-888-591-5558

Releases are scheduled to go live to customers beginning December 5th, 2017. Customers, stay tuned for an email of your release time!

Celayix Software continues to deliver new features and enhancements through multiple releases over the year. As we move into 2018, we will continue to release new features that the market is asking for and improve existing features.

It is our continued goal to be a leader in employee scheduling, time collection, and employee communication in a variety of industries.