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Celayix Software works with some of the biggest properties in Vegas to create a scheduling solution that works. With Celayix, properties are able to automate schedule creation based on employee availability and business needs across multiple properties. Greater flexibility and transparency makes for a more happy workforce and greater customer satisfaction.


For many years, the largest properties in Vegas were manually scheduling employees across multiple locations. Communicating schedules and schedule changes were not only time consuming, but often prone to errors. In a service focused industry, these scheduling errors proved detrimental to customer satisfaction levels.


Celayix works with some of the largest properties in Vegas to create scheduling solution that work. With Celayix, hospitality properties are able to automate schedule creation based on employee availability and business needs across multiple properties. Greater flexibility and transparency makes for a happier workforce and greater customer satisfaction.

  • Employee satisfaction is greater by giving them the ability to work at multiple locations with early, transparent communication of shift details.
  • Inevitable changes to events, like timing and staffing levels, are easily adjusted and communicated to multiple employees through automation.
  • Internal resources manage schedules, taking a fraction of the time and effort as before.

“Employee self-scheduling allows everyone to access their schedules over the web, where before the best they got was a piece of paper tacked onto the wall.”

Kent Green
Director Banquet Operations

For many years, the largest providers of hotel accommodations, banquets, and entertainment facilities in Las Vegas were using manual processes to schedule thousands of employees. Previously, scheduled employees checked paper schedules posted once a week, while unscheduled groups would call to learn of available shifts, as well as request them. It was not rare to spend a whole day scheduling for a single event. Banquet coordinators dedicated about 50 percent of their time strictly to employee scheduling issues. Further, the pool of available employees was limited to the “home” property. This meant that if one of the properties had a greater need for servers on a certain day, employees from other properties could not fill in. Instead, the union provided temporary contract employees.

Banquet Employees Select Shifts Online

The Celayix Scheduling Solution first came to Vegas through the work of Kent Green, a well-known Director of Banquets, and Celayix CEO, Gurmit Dhaliwal. Many properties worked closely with the Celayix team to create a system that understood the existing limitations within the Vegas scheduling process. Celayix consultants proposed an online self-scheduling solution that would dramatically simplify weekly scheduling for banquet employees, and banquet coordinators and managers. With Celayix’s powerful rules-based scheduling system, employees were able to only view shifts that matched their qualifications, and followed a series of business rules and requirements associated with the business operations.

The Celayix Workforce Management Solution offered the right combination of web- and phone-based scheduling, along with ease of use and customizability to specific needs. Celayix first brought the solution to one of the largest, 8-property groups in Vegas in 2007. Since then, Celayix has added all the remaining properties in Vegas and now creates hundreds of thousands of schedules a month on the Vegas strip. Celayix worked closely with each organization to customize their solution, including adding a company branded home page to the online employee scheduling site. Employees could log in 24/7/365 to view their schedules, submit their availability, and, when requested, schedule themselves into shifts matching to their skills, seniority level, compliance, and budget restraints.

By keeping shift availability hidden until the employee confirms it, the organization avoids certain shifts being taken because the employee wants to work at a specific location or meeting room. Employees can access the online system via any web-based application, including iPhone, Android or Blackberry devices.

“Self-scheduling allows everyone to access their schedules over the web, where before it was a piece of paper tacked onto the wall, and they physically had to come into work and check it out, ” said the scheduling manager.

“And they don’t have to call six different places and be on the phone all day.”

Freeing Up to 20 Hours a Week per Banquet Coordinator with Self-Scheduling

Employees have embraced self – scheduling for its time – savings, convenience, fairness and the opportunity to identify more shifts without having to make multiple calls. They also know their schedules immediately, instead of waiting days to find out. Also, employees can check for any changes online or through the automated phone system before shifts. Self-scheduling, along with online and phone-based schedule – checking, frees up to half of the workweek for banquet coordinators, saving thousands in gained efficiencies. Kent Green notes the intangible benefit of enhanced employee satisfaction as the true value of Celayix,

“In Vegas, where service matters, happy employees make a big difference in customer satisfaction”.

By using more in-house trained employees, instead of union contractors, the organization provides a more professional, consistent experience for guests.

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