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Ordway Center for the Performing Arts

Saint Paul, MN

The Ordway, recognized as one of the U.S.’s leading not-for-profit performing arts centers, is home to a 1,900 seat music theatre, two rehearsal halls, and a beautiful new concert hall currently under construction.


Having long outgrown their previous scheduling software, Ordway looked for a new solution to help them manage a large workforce. With Celayix, the organization is able to cut scheduling time down by less than half, and build schedules more efficiently.


Ordway struggled daily with operating their extremely outdated, and unsupported scheduling solution. Although the system was custom built for the organization itself, it was not intuitive. For example, simply changing screens was time consuming.

Being outdated, their old solution made building and communicating the schedules complicated and inefficient. A simple task like printing out a week’s schedule could not be completed without a workaround, which slowed day-to-day operations considerably.

Scheduling a department of 80 people for a month took nearly five days to complete, causing frustration amongst both administrative staff and scheduled employees.


Ordway needed a system that could be configurable to their unique needs, as well as grow with their business. Although their old system was dated, it had been customized for their needs, and any “off the shelf” product wouldn’t work. They needed something that could accommodate a high degree of customization. Once eTime Xpress was selected, Celayix’s implementation team quickly set up a rules-based system that fit Ordway’s needs. As Kasey Tunell described the implementation process,

“Everybody was amazing to work with; they helped us see how simple and powerful the system was.”

Once you understand how it works, there is nothing it can’t do.

Kasey Tunell
House and Hospitality Department, Ordway Center for the Performing Arts


After implementation, scheduling time was cut by more than half. Where it used to take five days to complete, with Celayix it now takes two.

Web Xpress also allows employees to see their schedules online, freeing up time for administrative staff to focus on helping grow the business, which was previously spent fielding phone calls. It also saves an “infinite” amount of paper.

Moving away from their old system was the main goal, but now that Ordway is utilizing the Celayix system, there are many unintended benefits that they now enjoy.

Some of the features that help Ordway streamline their operations are:

  • Availability and replacement tools
  • Autofill of employee shifts to build templates
  • Modifying layouts of the visual scheduler
  • Reporting functions like alphabetical employee rosters

Ordway also appreciates the scalability of the product, as they are currently looking to add additional pieces like Time & Attendance and the ability to integrate payroll.

Kasey Tunell highlighted her experience by stating,

“I really like working with the system. We find new tools in the system all the time that make our jobs easier and even more fun.”

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