The Sheraton Grand Chicago was looking for a solution that would allow the scheduling staff to abide by the property rules while still meeting the needs of their full and part-time staff. The main challenges that they required help with was scheduling for their D-list employees including:

  • Ensuring that union rules are followed when filling shifts using the various rotations that they have in place
  • Removing the need to have their staff call in twice a week to select their shifts
  • Completely replacing their manual scheduling


Given the complex rules used in their scheduling of full-time and casual employees, the Sheraton Grand Chicago was able to solve their key problems using Celayix. Their successes include:

  • Automating their previously 100% manual process for scheduling D-list employees.
  • Setting up the Celayix employee portal, Team Xpress, enabling D-list staff to automatically self-select their own shifts and in turn freeing up their scheduler to do other tasks
  • Giving employees the opportunity to indicate they can no longer work shifts that had been previously chosen and providing this info to managers so replacements can be found
  • Export shift information out of Celayix into their other systems

"With Celayix, we were able to save over 6 hours of scheduling time per week. The automation also freed up our staff to quickly select their shifts, rather than having to try to call in and speak with someone. "

Sommer Gay
Director of Banquets, Sheraton Grand Chicago


With the implementation of Celayix, the Sheraton was able to achieve an efficiency increase of 86%. The manual process would usually take 7 hours a week to just create the schedule. Using Celayix, the D-list scheduling process now only takes under one hour per week. The use of Celayix to communicate with employees removed the need for a phone system additionally freeing up hotel phone lines that were being used for employees to call in to select their shifts.


The award winning Sheraton Grand Chicago is one of the largest hotels in Chicago with over 1,200 rooms. The hotel has over 120,000 square feet of meeting space and frequently hosts functions with thousands of guests. The banquets team comprises over 150 staff including full-time and on-call-staff, supervisors and admin.

The Sheraton is a brand name of Starwood Hotels and Resorts Worldwide which is owned by the Marriott International.

The Sheraton Grand Chicago realized that there had to be a better way to schedule their employees which would not only empower them to pick their own schedule but would also save admin resources. Celayix was chosen to help meet these goals. Celayix has provided their employees with tools to pick their own shifts ensuring all rules set out by the property are met while helping to significantly reduce the time and resources spent scheduling. This has led to massive gains in efficiency. Whereas in the manual process employees would call into the hotel and have the schedule verbally communicated to them, the new process allows the scheduler to create the shifts and then publish them to the employee app. From there, employees can view the shifts based on their preferences and self-select the shifts that fit best with their availability. The whole process of shift selection by employees now takes only two minutes.

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