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Route Operator – Servicing gaming devices for bars, taverns, convenience and grocery stores, operating over 7,100 gaming devices across Nevada.


With a large, geographically diverse workforce, the company’s scheduling of its workforce was complex. With Celayix’s workforce management solutions, the company is able to more effectively schedule staff and accommodate last minute changes. The company is able to schedule eight times faster, and save enough on overtime to pay off its investment in the system.


The route operator provides gaming devices in most grocery stores in Nevada. With hundreds of employees and gaming devices located throughout the 7th largest state in America, scheduling the company’s workforce was daunting. A common phrase around the office, “geography in the route business is not our friend”, meant that finding out who can work and most importantly, where they would work, was not a simple answer.

Despite a staff of several schedulers, the large workforce meant accounting for vacation time and last minute call-ins was an overwhelming job. Crucial to the business was identifying staff that could work at a moment’s notice, but also knowing the locations where employees were available. According to the company’s Vice President of Gaming Development and Technology, keeping track of all the information was “brain-damaging”.

The scheduling department attempted to create a static schedule but countless changes were made as soon as it was published. Any scheduling solution implemented had to “change direction on demand”.

Geography in the route business is not our friend. Celayix has helped schedule our staff around that.

VP Gaming Development and Technology


The route operator needed a hosted, Software-as-a-Service solution that could manage their operational complexity. Once eTime Xpress was selected, Celayix’s implementation team quickly set up a rules-based system that fit the bill for the company.

“The Celayix team was very thoughtful during implementation, and were able to leverage past experiences for our benefit”, said the company’s Vice President of Gaming Development and Technology.


In one region, the company was able to schedule its staff eight times faster than before Celayix. Building a biweekly schedule used to take two hours; it now only takes 15 minutes. Costs are also controlled, as now the scheduling department is no longer expected to mentally apply overtime rules when substituting replacement employees. With overtime now coded into the system, it has paid for itself.The “scheduling headaches” of the past have also been eliminated, as Celayix’s automated solution allows schedulers to change shift information on the fly. Finding the right employee, for the right location, now happens in a fraction of the time.

Now, employee availability, staff physical location and site preferences, as well as time off & vacation requests, are built into the system. This reduces the amount of manual intervention into the scheduling process, and allows the company to grow the business.

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