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Major Manufacturer

Indianapolis, IN


When looking to fill available shifts, the company’s union contract dictated that they use a call out list to call available employees over and over until a match was found. The process was time consuming and incurred a considerable amount of overtime costs.


The Celayix Advanced Workforce Management Solution enables the manufacturer to automate scheduling based on availability and eliminate avoidable overtime – while complying with their current union contract. Using the eTime Xpress scheduler and the Web Xpress employee portal, the company is now able to streamline their scheduling processes.

“A full time person dedicated to managing overtime was excessive. There had to be a better way.”

HR Manager

Benefits Summary

Costly Workforce Processes

A leader in technology found in agriculture, nutrition, pharmaceuticals, and a variety of other industries, this major manufacturer was a modern organization with outdated scheduling practices. The labor expenses for the manufacturing plant were unnecessarily high; with one full time employee devoted to just managing overtime.

With superior technology in virtually every other area of their organization, Human Resources knew there must be a better way to schedule their workforce. They wanted something to help them with their outdated “call out list” system, reduce overtime, and integrate with their existing payroll and HR systems. As the company’s, Human Resources Manager stated,

“A full time person dedicated to overtime was excessive. There had to be a better way.”

Ultimate Time Waster

In addition to high levels of overtime and a full time position dedicated to managing it, the company also found that its HR department was overwhelmed by its “call out” system.

When an open shift was available and needed to be filled, the process that followed consumed an excessive amount of HR’s time. The union contract stated that HR use a list of employees to call out to based on seniority.

Regardless of availability, the same employees were called over and over again to find out if they could work the shift. Because the list was built on seniority and not availability, an unnecessary amount of time was wasted by calling out to unavailable employees.

Optimized Availability

The company chose Celayix eTime Xpress for employee scheduling, and Web Xpress for the employee availability portal. After implementation, the company was able to follow the language in their union contract in a more effective way to optimize the way HR filled shifts.

Now, employees at the manufacturer input their availability online, which generates a pre-populated directory for HR. When an empty shift needs to be filled, instead of tediously running though their “call out list”, HR can simply look at the Celayix system to see who is available and call only those individuals. The process is sped up considerably and allows HR to focus on employee relations and strategic planning of the business.

To populate the schedule for three months, total scheduling time only amounts to one hour. Additionally, managers can now see everyone’s availability in one place, eliminating unnecessary confusion.

Employees using the system to submit availability are also saving time by using the online employee portal to submit availability.

Eliminated $100,000 in Overtime

Automated scheduling made the full time position that managed overtime redundant; the organization was able to save money almost immediately.

Now, with Celayix, open shifts are given to employees based on seniority and availability – not just seniority. Therefore eliminating the likelihood of scheduling employees who had reached their hourly limit for the week, as well as avoidable overtime.

“Within the year, we were able to eliminate about $100,000 in overtime”, said the company’s HR Manager, “Essentially all of the avoidable overtime within our organization.”

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