The Sands Expo and Convention Center in Las Vegas (SECC) was looking for a way to eliminate their manual scheduling effort. Although sister properties, the Venetian and Palazzo in Las Vegas were already using Celayix, the SECC had its own unique requirements to fulfill:


Working with Celayix, SECC was able to solve their key problems. The management team was able to successfully replace their manual process with an automated process that used self-scheduling to fill shifts. This empowered staff to manage their time by only selecting those shifts that fit into their schedule, reducing the number of missed shifts. It also helped remove the need for admin staff to manually collect availability, confirm shifts, and more.  In the previous process, at any time 2-3 admin staff were dedicated to calling employees to complete the schedule process. With Celayix’s automated process, admin staff dedicated to only scheduling could be reassigned to other tasks.

With Celayix in place, managers can now create the shifts required for the event in a matter of minutes or  use a saved template to create the entire schedule in seconds. The available shifts are then posted to the employee app and available for selection to those that fit the qualifications.

"I am very pleased with Celayix! It has made a huge difference to our scheduling process, resulting in our schedules being completed in 5% of the time and no longer requiring admin staff to call out to employees."

Terry Salaices
Director - Food and Beverage


Celayix was able to improve the scheduling process at SECC and achieve a significant increase in efficiency. Whereas the previous process took up to one week to complete, with Celayix creating and distributing schedules for even the most complicated set of events takes only a couple of hours. This has resulted in schedules being completed in 1/20 of the time it took, increasing efficiency by over 95%.

Managers at SECC  note that having employees select their own shifts has reduced no-shows as now employees have all the information they need to make a shift decision at their fingertips through the employee mobile app. Employees no longer have to try and remember their schedules or find a pen and paper to write it down. All this information is available, 24/7, 365.

The massive time savings allowed management to put even more focus on their customers and investigate even further ways Celayix Software could help.


The Sands Expo and Convention Center (SECC) in Las Vegas is one of the largest convention centers in the world. It forms part of the world’s largest integrated resort along with the Venetian and the Palazzo comprising more than 7100 hotel rooms with over 2.3 million square feet of convention space. Since its opening in 1990, the SECC continues to host some of the world’s largest conventions.

The SECC came to realize that their manual process was taking too much time and there were unnecessary admin costs which were caused by having staff calling out to employees to fill schedules. Celayix Software was already being used at the Venetian and the team decided to investigate whether it would meet their specific needs. Once they investigated and realized it could exceed their needs, Celayix was implemented. Shortly after,  SECC employees now were able to self-schedule into their own shifts. Since implementation the new process has saved managers over 90% of their staff time , reduced the amount of admin staff required to create schedules and helped eliminate many instances of employee no-shows.


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